Collective Blueprinting

This video details the process of Collective Blueprinting. Collective Blueprinting is simply the process of bringing online the Diamond Grid sections and stargates of the planetary Light Body by connecting them with the Cosmic Light Body. This is part of fully activating the Diamond Sun Body of the Collective Consciousness of Gaia to create holographic realities in all twelve dimensions. As our collective consciousness continues to increase, certain sections of our collective Light Body become eligible to be brought online and connected with the Cosmic Light Body. The grids and gates of the planet were cleared and activated in the previous seven year ascension cycle so that they could be fully brought online and connected to the Soular, Galactic, Universal and Cosmic Light Bodies during the collective ascension. This collective blueprinting is being facilitated by embodied Pure Source Conduits as Divine Architects in service to the ascension of this star system and will continue until all 144 harmonic frequencies and twelve dimensions of our Universe are embodied as a collective, creating The Divine Organization of Terra Nova. This page contains videos and articles sharing these experiences and the Light codes they contain for the evolution and ascension of the collective consciousness of this star system.

This video describes the events that took place on Kauai in November and December of 2019 in order to activate the twelfth dimensional planetary stargate to complete the planetary grid and gate work of the previous seven year ascension cycle that began in 2012. This completely activated the entire organic stargate and grid structure of Gaia known as the Diamond Sun Body and for the migration of the collective consciousness to this organic Light matrix. It also allowed for the new phase of connecting this structure to the Cosmos to begin in what is known as the collective ascension. It also shows the physical birth that took place in the birthing portal of Gaia, Mount Waiʻaleʻale that released the codes into the planetary grids to signal the beginning of the collective ascension which began with the collective awakening in 2020.

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This video is of the portal sites, stargate and entire grid section located on Banderas Bay in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. This entire stargate and grid section was brought online and connected with the Cosmos grid system in March 2020. It was also the preliminary work for the entire Trans Mexican Volcanic Belt or spinal section of the Collective Light Body that would continue to be brought online through 2021. The video does not show the work but is a lovely Light journey through sound and visuals to assist in activating any soul.

This article chronicles the work that was done on the Trans Mexican Volcanic Belt in December of 2020. This particular grid section was located in Nayarit and Jalisco, Mexico and is one of many grid sections that are to be activated from the Pacific Coast to the Gulf Coast across the country of Mexico. These particular grid sections are all slated to be online and completely connected to the Cosmic Light Body by the March Equinox in 2021.

This video is of the grid sections of the Trans Mexican Volcanic Belt located in Colima, Michoacan and Jalisco, Mexico. It was an eight day journey and the longest of the trips to complete the work to bring the entire spinal section of the collective Light Body or Diamond Sun Body online and connected with the Cosmic grids. It is lengthy and highly Light encoded due to the amount of work incorporated into this one blueprinting trip. 

In this video we are activating the Diamond Grid sections of the Light Body of the Collective Consciousness of Gaia. This section runs along the Trans Mexican Volcanic Belt and is part of five separate trips to activate the entire grid section along this volcanic belt or spinal column of Gaia that correspond to the collective frequency increases on the 2021 collective ascension timeline. This video takes place in the Mexican state of Veracruz and includes two separate sections of this portion of the Collective Diamond Sun Body that were activated and connected with the Cosmic Diamond Sun Body. There is also a conversation about Unity Consciousness and other information shared to assist in the consciousness expansion of all viewers. 

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