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Each of us are here to contribute our Light to the Collective Diamond Sun Body and ultimately to the collective ascension of this star system. Through fulfilling our unique purposes along our own ascension journey, we are fulfilling our collective purposes as well. The Divine Organization of Terra Nova is the entire living organization of Light upon this planet. It is made up of every being here. We work as ONE to share Pure Light and Pure Wisdom with the collective to assist in the collective ascension of our planet. Your Light is a part of this organization and we welcome it here. Please sign up below to stay connected with us as ONE and to be able to share the Light with others as a part of the Divine Organization of Terra Nova. Together, we are building our New Earth as ONE. 

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Your support of our Divine Service is greatly appreciated. If this site resonates with you, please consider an energy exchange in the form of a donation to support the sharing of this information. Click here to contribute. We are grateful for any and all contributions received.

The Divine Organization of Terra Nova is dedicated to bringing forth the Cosmic Blueprints for this star system through the collective ascension. We are here to be a Source of Light for the collective through co-creating and sharing with embodied beings across the planet through our Light Resource Center. All information shared is to update on the unfoldment of the Cosmic Blueprint for this star system and to share Divine Wisdom and Light to support the ascension process of all beings upon our planet into full embodiment as ONE collective consciousness into the fully ascended star system Terra Nova. 


© 2020 Divine Organization of Terra Nova​

Love ~ Unity ~ Neutrality

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