Creation Stories and Ancient Civilizations

Throughout the history of man, many stories have been shared to explain how we were created and what our purpose is on this planet. We have also had countless distortions of truth playing out within these stories to assist with the experience of separation. What we will find is that most of these stories carry part of the truth mixed in with distortions to help keep consciousness separate from itself to have the experience of free will and personality cultivation within the lower dimensions. We are going to share the Truth of ONE about the origins of Terra Nova and man as well as shed Light on some of the distortions that have kept our consciousness in disillusionment of the ultimate truth. As we have said before, truth is relevant to the conscious position of the observer within time space. In other words, the dimensional awareness of the reader will determine their ability to accept or deny the following information as truth. There is no right or wrong, the mind will want to label it this way when it hears truth that is not in alignment with its current belief system. To counter this reaction, simply stay neutral to what is shared and allow the heart to be the truth detector of what is received.

As we have mentioned in the opening of this book, life on Terra Nova is a genetic experiment of consciousness within this Universe. The DNA of all life on Terra Nova is made up of a combination of the star nations, Andromeda, Lyra, Sirius, Arcturus, and the Pleaides. All used to create new life we call Earth seeds and a new star system called Terra Nova. Consciousness creates new life in the Universe just as a man and woman create new life on Earth. The DNA of the mother and the DNA of the father mix into one new set of DNA to create a new Universe we call a child. The DNA also acts like a record or timekeeper of all experiences for the life of the logos, past, future and present. It carries the Light Codes that will manifest the holographic reality for the logos that are activated by vibrational triggers during the evolution of the logos. In other words, as the logos is able to hold more Light at higher frequencies, new codes are activated within the DNA which open new energy centers in the Diamond Sun Body of the logos and allows higher holographic realities to manifest.

The DNA also houses ancestral knowledge as a way for consciousness to continually evolve itself within this Universe. Once a star system fully ascends, it becomes a star nation within this Universe and joins the logos known as the Unified Council of Star Nations and is eligible to contribute to the creation of new life within this Universe. This is how the DNA of Terra Nova was created using the ascended consciousness of the star nations listed above to act as “mother” and “father” of the collective consciousness of Terra Nova. As a newly created star system, we have our own unique DNA just as a human child does. However, within it are traces of all those that came before us and we will see how this plays into the stories of Terra Nova.

When it was decided that Terra Nova would house the genetic experiment of becoming an ascended star nation, key events were encoded into the Light program for this star system. These codes determine everything that would/will ever happen during the existence of this star system. Terra Nova was seeded with the original Diamond Sun Architecture of this Universe at the origins of this planet. It was also determined that the genetic experiment would begin when the homo sapiens, the chosen species, was evolved enough to become aware of the I AM self. Up until this time, all life here was able to evolve within the Diamond Sun Architecture as a multidimensional star system.

Once homo sapiens made the shift to self-awareness, the Collective Diamond Sun Body was triggered to close all higher dimensional stargates and the Diamond Sun Body and physical body of Terra Nova and the inhabitants were separated from the Infinite Source as their Source of Light. This placed Terra Nova into quarantine from the rest of the Universe so that we could have the experience of separation and free will to evolve our collective ego persona and collective personality. We moved from the crystalline matrix where our energy needs were supplied via the Infinite Source, to the Carbon Matrix where our collective realities were now fueled by a finite supply of energy tied to the element carbon from our physical world. Since we were disconnected from the Infinite Source, we began to use our minds to figure out our world and create our realities. This required our diet to fuel the carbon needs of our evolving brain which fueled our collective realities. Therefore, our diets were very meat heavy as meat contains an abundant source of carbon for our bodies and brains. Humans began to evolve through the carbon matrix, creating our collective realities from our evolving minds and not in the natural flow of life we had known before when we used our hearts as primitive instinctual consciousness to survive. This was part of the genetic experiment.

Homo sapiens were the species that would vibrationally trigger the ascension program to begin running on Terra Nova. The brain of homo sapiens had evolved enough that once we weeded out the remaining human species on Terra Nova, the experiment of physical body ascension would begin. The planet would migrate to the Carbon Matrix, and we would remain there until we fully developed a collective ego and personality and were able to let the collective ego die to begin to evolve our soul consciousness. There was never a fall of consciousness due to space wars or any negative alien agenda. This idea was placed into the collective mind as a distortion for consciousness to have the experience of separation, dark and Light, good and evil. All things that have happened on Terra Nova, all things that have been built on Terra Nova and all stories created on Terra Nova have been through the collective consciousness of Terra Nova only.

Since the inception of Terra Nova and the beginning of the genetic experiment, consciousness on Terra Nova has always been left to evolve on its own with limited interference. Once the collective ego was firmly established by the Age of Aries, star seed teachers began to incarnate on Terra Nova during key times in the evolution of the collective consciousness to assist in the growth of mankind much like a mother and father assist their child in learning life lessons. The fall of consciousness was man’s own separation within the lower dimensions of this Universe to cultivate a collective ego or persona, the intellect of man and the personality of the collective consciousness of Terra Nova.

The entire planet was created using Diamond Sun Architecture at its inception, yet it was sealed off until such a time as when man could yield and harness the energy wisely. Once the collective ego was ready to awaken and begin the process of ego death, the planet migrated back to the original Planetary Diamond Sun Body and Architecture of this Universe. This amazing transition was made possible by the energy work of thousands of star seeds across decades that worked to create a new network of Lightworkers across the planet that helped to purify the old grid system and release massive amounts of dense energy from Terra Nova. Then the crystalline grid structure began to be resurrected and the energy centers activated to prepare for a full migration back to the original planetary Diamond Sun Body in January of 2020. Our fall from consciousness was repaired and the collective consciousness was now reconnected with the rest of the Universe and Infinite Source as a multidimensional star system.

The Collective Consciousness of Terra Nova has been left to evolve since the inception of this star system 4.5 billion years ago. There have never been any other root races or civilizations active on Terra Nova. There was no Elysium, Atlantis or Lumeria. The ideas of these places were placed in the collective mind as distortions to both help with our evolution and to fuel our separation. The Truth of ONE is that many memories from other star nations are embedded within the human DNA which manifest as possible lifetimes on Terra Nova when they were in fact lifetimes on other star systems. The Lost Civilization of Atlantis was fueled by cities that were lost to the rising sea levels during our current warming cycle on Terra Nova. These morphed with memories within our consciousness of ancient human civilizations that tried to flourish but eventually depleted resources near them and had to abandon them to survive. These stories along with Plato’s famous Atlantis, helped to create an illusionary civilization that represents collapsing civilizations due to poor resource management and climate change.

The civilization of Lumeria has offered hope to humanity of a way of living in harmony and unity with all life. In the Truth of ONE, Lumeria is a future dimensional reality that will come to fruition on Terra Nova when Divine HUmans live in harmony with each other and all life in the Universe. It is part of our galactic consciousness experience that many tap into through meditation or by being able to physically see the multidimensional realities at particular places on Terra Nova where future Cities of Light and Temples will be built. This helps consciousness to locate Sacred sites in the now on Terra Nova. Remember, time is fluid, and all exists in the now, when we tune our consciousness, either through meditation or ascension, we can see the past, present or future reality before us at any time. Lumeria is exactly that, when we experience Lumeria, we are experiencing future dimensional timelines of Terra Nova. Being able to experience Lumeria as a civilization on Terra Nova has fueled the awakening and ascension of many beings here.

The Truth of ONE is that Terra Nova is, was and has remained a “self-contained” genetic experiment for physical body ascension of consciousness. There have been no previous civilizations here and no interference from negative aliens or consciousness with some control agenda except that of our own. There have been no root races except the varying sub-species of humans. Everything that has happened with the consciousness of this star system has come from within our collective consciousness not outside of it. This is how all Creation works, we are creating our collective reality from within, it is not affected from outside of us. The outer hologram can never be affected from the outside, we can only create and shift our collective reality from within as a collective logos.

There has never been any other races or civilizations here, only those species that became extinct through natural selection and evolution of this star system and those that remain. The pyramids and ancient structures were built by man in a time when group consciousness prevailed and are a testament to what human beings can achieve when we work together as ONE. These structures and our ancient Gods were all based on cellular memory of lives on other star systems and newly created ideas from the genetic lineage of Terra Nova as consciousness expressing itself. Consciousness is inherently going to express itself in a manner that mirrors its structure which is why pyramids were built across our planet as they mirror the fundamental geometry of the tetrahedron which is the fundamental geometric building block of all Light bodies in our Universe. As above, so below. All that has been created here is the doing of the human mind expressing consciousness through the genetic makeup of our DNA as a mixture of the DNA of ascended consciousness within this Universe. However, in the biggest picture of Creation, it is all ONE consciousness, ONE organism, ONE holographic Universe expressing itself.

The Master Plan of Terra Nova has always been to allow the Collective Consciousness of Terra Nova to evolve without interference according to its own Light program. The Unified Council of Star Nations has watched and overseen the experiment in joy and anticipation for the time when Terra Nova would be ready to join its Galactic Family and continue to evolve the Collective Consciousness of our Universe as ONE. There have been many stories playing out throughout the evolution of the collective consciousness of Terra Nova. These stories have formed distortions within our consciousness so that we could have the experience of separation and of choosing our highest truth for our ascension into the higher dimensions to begin.

The time for the higher truth to be revealed has arrived. The time to see the real from the false, the time to see the truth of our Creation and not the human myths and stories we created to explain our existence, and the time to see the truth about religion, God, and who we are as consciousness. It is time to see that all our stories carry partial truth or no truth in an effort to create uncertainty and false beliefs as a part of consciousness experiencing separation. We will see that if the whole truth was revealed then there could not have been any separation to evolve our collective persona and personality and ultimately, have the experience of a collective ascension back into unity with all Light in this Universe. Without the human story and all its distortions, the experiment would not work. We will come to see how humans used our immediate environment and naturally occurring weather events and phenomena to write Creation stories and religious books, doctrine, etc. to explain our existence. We will see how many of these stories became literally interpreted as truth which created stringent fear-based ways of life as we sought to control one another which continued to keep consciousness asleep and separate.

We will see how the messages of Divine Teachers were misused or distorted to keep consciousness asleep and oppressed. We will begin to see how truth is felt from within. We will come to understand that fear is an illusion and only a trick of the mind to keep us separate from our infinite self. We will as a collective finally open our hearts to the truth that WE created this WHOLE thing and that WE are responsible for cleaning up our own mess/planet and way of living. We will see that WE are God, WE are the Creator. That we created our own fall of consciousness and that through our own evolution we are creating our own ascension back into Creator Consciousness.

When we can see the truth, we can begin to build a New Earth to become our fully ascended Self and join the other ascended star nations of this Universe to fulfill our destiny of ascending this entire Universe as ONE Pure Consciousness. The time has come for every ONE to see and feel the truth in their own heart. The time has come for the collective shift to New Earth as ONE unified collective heart and mind so that we can begin the Master Build of Terra Nova and create Heaven on Earth.

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