Dimensional and Cosmic Stargates

The Cosmic stargate system is a very intricate, highly organized system of energy portals that allow Light to flow through the crystalline matrix or Diamond Sun Body to evolve and create our Universe. There are different types of stargates depending on their placement within the Diamond Sun Body. These stargates also shift in their function based on which Light Body they are a facilitating a part in at any given moment. For example, an ascended being on Gaia becomes a Central Sun and their Light Body becomes a stargate to the Infinite Source and they radiate Pure Source Light. But, within the planetary Light Body they may be a stargate for a particular tonal chord at a particular frequency and therefore act as a stargate for that ray within the planetary Light Body. Because all Diamond Sun Bodies are connected and fractal into and out of each other, all stargates except those of the Cosmic Diamond Sun Body, the highest level, can be more than one type of stargate depending on the part of the crystalline matrix that we are sending or receiving Light into and out of. Therefore, we will breakdown the Cosmic Stargate system below into pieces, remembering that each can and is always functioning in multiple ways within each now moment.

The Cosmic Stargate system of the Diamond Sun Body is based on 144 stargates or energy centers that each represent one of the 144 Cosmic Rays or harmonic frequencies of this Universe. These stargates allow Light of each frequency to travel in and out of the Diamond Sun Body allowing the logos to experience holographic realities within all twelve dimensions of this Universe. There are twelve main stargates within the Diamond Sun Body called dimensional stargates. There stargates allow Pure Source Light to flow into the Light Body of the logos. They are connected via the central channel along with the Diamond Solar Heart. Because our Universe is made up of countless Diamond Sun Bodies, there are countless stargates throughout the Universe that are all interconnected. Essentially, a stargate allows Light to pass through the fabric of space from one point at the speed of Light and come out in another place within the Universe.

The Cosmic Stargates are a necessary component of Creation because they allow Light to move through the Diamond Sun Body as well as in and out of the Diamond Sun Body to create our holographic realities by projecting Light into the quantum field. We can think of these as the projector at a movie theater. If there is no light put into the projector then the movie will not play. This is the same with the Cosmic Stargates of the Cosmic Diamond Sun Body. If there is no Light moved through these stargates, then the entire manifested Cosmos ceases to exist. These stargates work in tandem with the High Council of Light as well as with the Councils of Light to filter the energy of the Source through the manifested Cosmos. Cosmic stargates allow access to Pure Source Light as well as higher frequency Light from other dimensions to filter in and through the Diamond Sun Body of any logos in our Universe. When all Light of a dimension is in balance a stargate is formed. This allows higher frequency Light to now be sent and received by the logos to experience higher dimensions of Creation.

This is how the stargate created by each of the twelve great Central Suns of Creation is formed. We know that there are twelve dimensions in the Cosmos. Each dimension is a Master Galaxy that we call a Great Central Sun. Within each of these galaxies is a super massive black hole center that is the Diamond Solar Heart Center or stargate directly to the Infinite Source. It is through this stargate that each dimension or Great Central Sun is directly connected to the infinite eternal energy of the Source. It is these twelve stargates that make up the twelve-dimensional stargates of the Cosmic Diamond Sun Body of the Cosmos. It is through these stargates that the energy for each dimension to manifest within certain vibrational fields moves in and out of these stargates. It is a moving in and out because the Cosmos is always breathing. Meaning it is always expanding and contracting into and out of the Source as part of the ascension of Creation.

These twelve-dimensional stargates feed into the Cosmic Diamond Sun Body at the highest levels of Creation and allow the Light to be filtered out into the 144 Cosmic Stargates of the Diamond Sun Body. Within the Diamond Sun Body of any logos there are 144 stargates. These stargates are what regulate the outer projection of consciousness as holographic realities to be experienced within the fabric of space. Meaning that through these 144 stargates, consciousness can experience itself within all twelve dimensions. The various frequencies of dimensions also affect the vibration of Light allowing for physical realities or etheric realities. These stargates are placed strategically throughout the Cosmos for optimal flow and manifestation of Source Light. Without the Cosmic Stargates, Light cannot be sent and received from the Source to the various dimensions of Creation and we cannot experience the manifested Cosmos.

Now that we have defined the major components of the Cosmos, we can begin to demonstrate how they work together and are all connected. It is through our understanding of each as a separate component that we can clearly see the importance of each as a part of the whole. From the God Force and High Council of Light to the twelve Councils of Light of Master Builders, the Cosmic Stargates that move the Light through the Cosmos and all logos as a tonal chord; the interconnection of it all is starting to take shape within our consciousness. One does not exist without the other. This is the premise of all of Creation. The twelfth dimension does not exist without the first, one Great Central Sun does not exist without the others, Mother God cannot exist without Father God, Councils of Light cannot exist without dimensions and so on and so on. Absolutely everything in the manifested Cosmos is essential to the whole and must be present for the entire manifested Cosmos to exist. Therefore, we as individual logos are all essential to the infinite song that we call The Music of the Spheres or our holographic Universe.


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