Shift in Consciousness = Dimensional Reality Changes

The area of the galaxy we are moving into provides a strong surge of photonic and other kinds of light frequencies. Our alignment puts us directly in the path of this photonic light, which penetrates the Sun, our planet and everything living here.

All of the planets are becoming brighter and hotter, but let’s focus on our home. The Earth’s frequency, or Schumann Resonance, is increasing. Gone is the textbook 7.83 Hz resonance of our school days, the planet is shooting up to 50Hz every day, with the baseline lingering around 14 Hz. That is a major change, because our reality is based on frequency.

A stable reality is contained within a range of resonance frequencies, like a bandwidth on a radio. These bandwidths of frequencies create dimensions in which to experience life. To exist in a certain reality, a living thing must match that bandwidth. It’s like tuning the dial on a radio. To have the Earth experience, you have to match its frequency. As the Earth increases in frequency, so must all living things on the planet. Since the lower frequency is disappearing, we need to adjust for the new range of frequencies provided. As we move through the Shift, the energies are changing minerals, elements, plants, animals and humans. Our cellular structure must change in order to “hold” the higher vibration of the planet. Between the new energies from the galaxy and the raised frequency of the Earth, our bodies are enduring an adjustment on the subatomic level. More of our unused brain cells and “junk” DNA – the dormant structures which have been “asleep” for a very long time- begin to get activated. This is where the term awakening comes from. What was asleep, or dormant, is now getting turned on. Thus we have a “shift” in consciousness, a shift to a higher frequency, or higher level of consciousness.

3D, 4D, 5D Realities on Earth ~ Dimensional Reality Shift

In order to better understand how dimensions work and what it means to be living in the third, fourth or fifth dimension, we must think of a dimension as a point of perception rather than an actual place to travel to. Those living from 3D, 4D, or 5D consciousness are experiencing the same reality (on some level), but rather their way of perceiving it is completely different. By seeing things this way, it gives us a better understanding of how we can identify what dimension we are mostly resonating with. Also, it is quite possible to be experiencing multiple dimensions of consciousness simultaneously, and as we wake up from third dimensional consciousness through to the fourth into fifth. It is common for some aspects (belief systems) to still be rooted in 3d while other aspects are rooted in a higher dimension.

3D ~ Material World Fear Dominates

The third dimension is all about material, accumulating material and living in fear of losing it again. We fear to lose control. We fear to not be secure and to not be good enough. We don’t trust people, because they could take our wealth away from us. So we try to reach power over others to be in a stronger position. We define ourselves on this plane by what we possess and what we do for a living. We believe to be separated from God and from everyone and everything. As long as we are not one with Source, we cannot experience oneness with all that is. We believe that death is something painful, dark and finite. We believe that we live one life and that is it. We believe this world to be a place of scarcity. Therefore we think we have to fight hard for our well-being because there is not enough for everyone. We think that life is supposed to be a competition with winners and losers. We think it is okay to lie, because everyone does it in this game. We are convinced that we have to be right about things. We believe in certain roles for men and women. Men being the strong nurturer and fighter, women being the weak caretaker. This has been changing with the rising of the feminine during the past decades, but the true nature of masculine and feminine still have not been fully understood. With regards to relationships and sex, we believe that we cannot be whole without another person. We believe we need someone else to make us happy and whole. We experience joy in very rare occasions. In situations of breath-taking beauty be it in nature or during a sexual orgasm. These are the rare moments that take us into the NOW. The only place where the ego does not exist. We are so used to the ego that we don’t question whether it is normal that we spend all of our time in the past or in the future. The ego plays the “should have could have would have – game” in the past or jumps into the future playing the “let’s create scenarios” –game to be prepared for any possibilities. We don’t see that the only real place to be in is the NOW.

Energetically, the third dimension is a place of very low vibration and enhances the illusion of separation, duality and free will. In 3D, only one timeline (reality) is available and we live with the construct and illusion of the ego-mind of linear time. Our higher self is not integrated into the physical body because it cannot handle the density and low frequency. It is connected with us through our spiritual body, but when our chakras are blocked it hardly can get through to us. That causes the belief, that we are separated from God. In 3D, we actually think that our life is based on coincidences and that there is no destiny, as we are not aware of our true identity – a spiritual being in a physical body, suffering from amnesia.

  1. Things are viewed from a physical state.
  2. A person is seen as an individual separate from others.
  3. Life is a survival of the fittest wherein each person is identified by the way they look, the job they have, the car they drive, and the people they surround themselves with.
  4. Things are perceived as good or bad and life is a competition.
  5. There is not enough for everyone.
  6. Fulfillment is associated with making money and social status.
  7. Thoughts have no power over reality, anything that comes one’s way is simply a coincidence.
  8. One relies only on the five senses.
  9. Though one finds joy in living, pain and deeper emotions are difficult to manage.
  10. There’s no desire in going within one’s self or looking at things from a deeper perspective.

4D ~ The Hallway into the Fifth Dimension, Consciousness begins to Awaken

As the light of consciousness begins to awaken within, your belief system of third dimensional reality seems absurd. You may even become angry or resentful of the society that implanted these belief systems. In fourth dimension, comparison and judgment still exist however with more ‘spiritual’ themes. For example, you may describe yourself as “awake” while judging those you feel are “asleep.” The attention has shifted from pursuits in the material world to the pursuit of knowledge and understanding. I am angry because I have been lied to. I must warn and tell others about the Illuminati, government, reptilians, chemtrails, etc… Since on some level I believe that I am my mind, I am weary of things like mind control or subliminal messages. I may take on a spiritually themed ego structure. In this case, I may judge those who still eat meat, watch the news, drive a car, etc.. More knowledge and better understandings seem to be the key to my fulfillment. Ego is my ultimate enemy and therefore my ‘goal’ is to get rid of it.

  1. Is believed to be a “gateway” to the 5D.
  2. Awareness of the connectedness of all is observed and life as seen as promising something more than what meets the eye.
  3. Thoughts are powerful and can shift the way reality is perceived.
  4. There is still the experience of duality and the idea of good and bad, but compassion and understanding are slowly observed.
  5. Diet, meditation, and leading a healthy lifestyle are given importance.
  6. How one’s actions affect the environment and those around are given attention.
  7. There is a desire to find one’s purpose and to follow one’s passions.
  8. Life is seen as something meant to be enjoyed and that everyone is worthy to live the life of their dreams.
  9. The world is perceived through the 6 senses and one’s intuition starts to grow and expand.
  10. A deeper meaning of life is sought after and synchronicity or magic of the Universe is felt.

5D ~ Unity Consciousness

The All is the One, and the One is the All as consciousness begins to awaken even further, the ego drops and judgments begin to fade away. You realize that the darkness of the world is a direct reflection of the shadow that still exists inside of you. You no longer try to change the world, but rather begin to heal yourself.

The love that grows within begins to translate into compassion and understanding for the external world. Love is the only weapon that truly holds power. I am no longer attached to my labels, but see myself as an ever-changing field of consciousness. I ultimately hold all the power to ‘create’ my perception of reality, nothing is inherently ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Nothing has power over me or my reality unless I have on some level agreed to it. Judgment now has become discretion. Although I no longer judge people from a moral standpoint, I use discretion in what I spend my time and energy on. I am beginning to see that “god”, “the universe,” or “source” lies within. As the master inside of me begins to awaken I realize I have held the power all along. The fear of mind control and manipulation drops away.

In the fifth dimension, we live in Unity Consciousness, but still recognize ourselves as individuals as part of the whole. Information comes much more intuitively and subtle from within as we have become ONE with all that is. In the beginning it feels as if we were disconnected until we get used to this new way of being connected. On this plane, we remember who we truly are and are aware of our eternal soul. Manifestation is easy and the life of our dreams is our reality. In 5D everything comes without an effort as we have rediscovered that the Universal energetic flow always guides us perfectly. There are no limits. We live in complete freedom and authenticity. As there is no fear,

The fifth dimension is the last one of pure light and unconditional love, i.e. Source energy on the way down, before entering the realms of limitations and duality. This is the dimension beyond linear time, that means that many different timelines / realities are available to access.

Conclusion ~ Awakening the Love

New Earth is Gaia and all her inhabitants living together in a fifth dimensional reality on our physical earth. It is an awakening to our true nature which is unconditional love. All of us are here as souls, dimensional aspects of our true self on a journey to remember our authentic Divine self.  We all reside in one or more of the dimensions listed above. As we begin to progress on our spiritual path we steadily increase our vibration and are able to ascend to higher levels of self awareness and dimensional realities. We begin to remember and eventually embody our Divinity. We are beings of light and pure unconditional love. We are it. Tat Tvam Asi…though are that!

Determining My Dimensional Reality

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