Introduction to Creation Waves

It is how Light is organized within Creation that affects how the holographic Universe is created. This is how consciousness uses The Divine Organization, or Cosmic blueprint, to actually create the hologram, physical realities, etheric realities, time, timelines, duality consciousness, unity consciousness and Pure Source Consciousness. It is a huge undertaking to write into linear language for understanding via the mind. However, we will break it down in steps just as we did the components of the organization to help us better understand how our world and all the Cosmos is created. We will begin with Creation Waves.

To begin talking about Creation Waves and Timelines, it is first necessary to share some key terms and information that will make understanding these easier. First let us talk about what a Creation Wave is and how they work. Creation Waves are pulses of Light or energy that emanate from the Diamond Solar Heart Center of any logos or Central Sun of Creation also known as the Source. A Central Sun of Creation is any logos that has fully completed its Cosmic blueprint and operates as a conduit of Pure Source Consciousness. This brings us to the term fully ascended, the term fully ascended means that a logos has completed the entire Cosmic Blueprint within their Light Body and operates as the Pure Source as a Central Sun of Creation. It does not mean that the logos no longer evolves. This is very important to understand because many believe that obtaining Pure Source Consciousness or completing ascension means that the journey is over. I repeat the journey is never over! Consciousness continues to evolve as does the entire Cosmos! We are always in a perpetual state of expansion as a whole, until Creation decides it’s time to contract back into the void. If or when this will ever occur, is beyond my understanding at this time.

I want to back up a minute and make a point to explain that each logos is a Sun. It does not matter if their blueprint is fully complete or not. In an unascended being, we call this the Light of the Soul. As their blueprint is constructed via ascension, the Light embodied becomes more and more. We embody our entire soul Light which is the Light Body of our solar system. Next, we embody the Light of our oversoul which is the Light Body of our galaxy. We then embody the Light of God which is the Light of our entire Universe and finally we fully embody our Light as the Source of Creation which is all Light in existence. Through this embodiment, our Light Body becomes all Light in Creation, we are eternal, infinite and create with the infinite Light of Creation. It is through this final embodiment that our Diamond Solar Heart Center becomes ONE with the eternal Source of infinite Light. It is from this place that we begin to create and experience as a Pure Source. We radiate as a fully ascended Central Sun of Creation. We become a Central Sun of Creation because our Diamond Solar Heart Center, the Infinite Source, is where we receive our Light from! We become ONE with the ONE!

Every sun/soul/logos is at some stage of evolution and has some or all of its Cosmic blueprint completed. This blueprint affects the amount of Light or life force energy that we have to experience and create our holographic realties. To a certain degree we all have Light or life force energy that we create with. Whether it is our soul Light or the infinite Light of the Source, we are still emanating Creation Waves through our heart, or mind in the lower dimensions, at all times. What varies is the frequency of the waves that we are emitting. Individually as the Source of our own reality, the waves we emanate will create the holographic reality that we experience as an individual fractal of Consciousness. Collectively, the Creation Waves emanated from our collective soul help to create our collective realities here on Gaia. Likewise, the Creation Waves we receive from our Sun, the Source of life for this solar system, help to create the collective realities of our solar system. Not just life on Gaia but the evolution of all consciousness within this solar system. This goes on to our galaxy that is always pulsating Creation Waves from its heart center out into the galaxy to create all realities in our galaxy. It takes millions of years for these waves to reach our solar system and thus evolution of consciousness takes longer to evolve the further from the Source it is. We are very far from our galactic center and thus our evolution reflects this. Likewise, our galaxy is far away from the heart our Source of the Universe. Therefore, evolution is directly related to the distance of a logos from the Source. However, through ascension, we are embodying the Source and thus distance becomes irrelevant.

So back to defining a Creation Wave. Creation Waves are not linear, they are emanated from a center point or Source point. They have expansion and contraction points that are responsible for creating and dismantling creations or realities for evolutionary growth. We experience a Creation Wave, expanding and contracting continuously into the Source, our heart, until we are ready to shift to a new timeline. Creation Waves are pulses or heart beats that flow out into Creation in one continuous wave with no beginning or ending. They emanate from the heart center of any Sun of Creation as the Source. These waves are continuous, infinite and are always radiating from a logos. For example, our Sun is the Source of this solar system, it is the star or Sun of Creation that creates life here. It is this star that we receive our waves through until we become the Source. This solar radiation penetrates our world, bodies and consciousness to create life on this planet and to evolve the consciousness on this planet. This means that we are continually affected by the waves that are coming through our Sun or any Sun until we transcend it as our Source through becoming the Source ourselves. Remember, there are now fully embodied Central Suns of Creation walking this planet whose waves affect the collective hologram as well. Below is a drawing illustrating the waves.

Creation Waves vary in frequency and intensity depending on the Source. Sometimes we receive solar flares or other solar activity that bring with them intense spikes and intensity of the Light or the energy we receive from our Sun. These waves have a direct effect on our consciousness and our energy levels. Creation Waves are constantly bombarding us from the outside, via other logos. This could be individuals, groups, planets, stars or other celestial bodies. It is one big ocean with a lot of waves. However, generally we are mostly affected by the waves from our Sun and by our own waves. Remember that as the Source, Solaris through its heart center is a conduit of Pure Source Consciousness. Therefore, the energy or waves emanated from our Sun are directly received from the infinite Source of all. These waves are infinite in nature. Meaning that once a Creation Wave is released from a logos, it travels throughout the Cosmos forever. There is no expiration date, it does not run out of energy or fade away. It is eternal! As consciousness, we simply choose when it is time for us to make a change or create a new reality or a new Creation Wave. However, when we get off the wave, it is still a part of Creation for eternity. Meaning that reality always exist within the quantum field.

Another important thing to understand about Creation Waves is the duration of a particular reality that each wave creates. For instance, a Creation Wave in the third dimension has a longer expansion and contraction period than a wave in the twelfth dimension. Therefore, when a reality is created in the third dimension, it takes longer to manifest, experience, and dismantle than those in the higher dimensions. This is why our manifestation abilities increase in the higher dimensions and we can shift our reality so quickly. It is also why it is so important to stay fully conscious of what we say, do or think as this can quickly affect our reality. When a Creation Wave is created from the twelfth dimension, the distance between the expansion and the contraction is almost nothing. This means that we can shift our reality nearly instantly by our pure intent or teleport our consciousness to a different reality. It also means that we can create realities very quickly or dismantle them very quickly. Our current collective realities have been created in the third dimension and therefore will take longer to dismantle. However, as humanity increases our frequency by constructing more of our collective blueprint, we will be able to quickly create new realities as a collective. If the twelve tonal chords are the building blocks of Creation, then Creation Waves are the building blocks of realities!

Unless we are at zero point, in observer mode, we are always creating and experiencing our creation. For example, let us assume we sent out a Creation Wave to create a new romantic relationship in the fourth dimension. There is a time period in which we must wait for the new mate to manifest, then we find them, the relationship lasts four years, then it begins to crumble, then we either: 1.Evaluate what happened, learn the lessons and move to a higher timeline and issue a new Creation Wave of a higher frequency and get a new relationship. Or 2. We do not learn the lesson and cycle around on the same timeline by repeating the same pattern on a new Creation Wave at the same frequency with a new partner. Or perhaps it’s with our job, or dieting, family relationship or whatever. These are how Creation Waves work. We either repeat the old pattern with “new” people or circumstances or we transcend the wave and move to a new timeline and create a new reality of a higher vibration. We also have Creation Waves for our immediate reality. These are emanating from us moment by moment as we navigate our day. Perhaps, someone cuts us off in traffic and we get angry. This will issue forth a new Creation Wave that will instantly change our reality. We will perceive our day differently, the traffic may shift to being a nuisance, we get all red lights or the passenger with us may sound too loud suddenly. Or, perhaps, we see an old couple walking hand in hand and our hearts open and we feel a warmth of love course through our body. Suddenly, a new wave is released from the heart and our day gets instantly better. The sun shines brighter, the air is fresher, a kitty appears and snuggles our leg or something loving happens in our reality. We are emanating these Creation Waves in every moment constantly creating and shaping our reality in the now and what is to come. When we create from the mind, the wave periods are longer, and realities take longer to manifest and crumble. When we create from the heart, the Source, realities are higher in frequency and manifest faster and dismantle with ease and grace when needed to bring a higher reality. There are no longer the painful and destructive dismantling that occurs from separation consciousness because we return the Source faster. Each contraction or dismantling will bring us back to the Source whether it takes three months or three days depends on the Creation Wave that created the reality.

Eventually, we come fully into our heart, our Diamond Solar Heart Center is fully opened, we have completed our entire blueprint and we are ready to create as Pure Source Consciousness. We radiate as a Central Sun of Creation liquid plasma Light that affects everything around us in an entirely new way. It is here that Creation Waves disappear. What? Well…Sort of…What happens is that the time period of the waves shortens to almost nothing, to what is perceived as no time because we experience Creation in the eternal now. When we obtain and live in Pure Source Consciousness, we no longer surf the waves of other logos or create waves that create realities bound by time other than the eternal now. We no longer experience timelines created by orbiting the Source because we have become the Source. Instead, we transcend time as something other than this now moment. We transcend timelines and begin to create and experience reality from the eternal now. There is no more expanding and contracting back to the Source to issue a new wave, instead we become the Captain of the ship, always emanating Creation Waves that unfold in the eternal now. Essentially, we have already called forth our highest timeline and learned how to live entirely from our hearts in neutrality. This freed us from timelines, allowed us to be able to experience zero point and to simply allow our reality to unfold in the eternal now always guided by our heart, The Source. There are no more lessons to be learned from an ego or karmic perspective. We simply remain in a state of neutrality which allows us to experience the Creation unfolding before us in the now.

Again, this does not mean we stop evolving, Consciousness is always evolving. It simply means we are experiencing our reality unfolding without trying to change it or create a different version. If we wish to create something, then we are able to create a wave from our hearts but we must shift from observer or experiencer to Creator. We must shift to create. It is such a subtle difference at this stage, I can hardly describe it, but I will try…. When we have fully embodied Pure Source Consciousness and are living in the Cosmic flow in every moment, our reality changes so that everything unfolding is exactly how we would create it and sometimes better. Therefore, there is no need to engage the mind or try to create anything. The truth is, we have already created it so there is no need to do any creating now. Therefore, we simply experience reality unfolding around us. We created it as the Source, as Pure Consciousness, at what we can call the beginning of Creation. The moment the entire quantum field was created our entire highest, purest reality was created. It already exists! In this state, we are living it free from the mind interfering with the experience. Living in the eternal now, we always do, choose, and experience our hearts desire without trying to create what we think we want or need. It is positively magical! It is also a journey to fully embody this and to completely live it in every moment. It is why we fluctuate between this and creating from dimensional awareness as a Pure Source at times. It is a journey of mastery to stay in zero point or the eternal now in every moment especially when subjected to outside stimuli and living in body and, because this is a collective ascension, many embodiers must still fluctuate between observer and moving through the dimensions creating information (such as this book) and realities to benefit the whole.

We have discussed how Creation Waves are created via the heart portal of a logos. Depending on the blueprint or Diamond Sun Body that a logos has constructed, the frequency of the waves emitted will vary. Once the Diamond Heart Portal is fully activated (which happens in the tenth dimension before full embodiment), a logos begins to create as a Pure Source, creating the highest vibrational waves and thus the highest vibrational realities available on a particular timeline. When the logos has fully ascended and fully embodied Pure Source Consciousness, they then completely transcend time outside the eternal now (not just man’s time, but solar time, galactic time, etc.) and the need to issue Creation Waves on timelines. The experience is created from the heart as the Source and unfolds in the eternal now.

Let us now describe issuing Creation Waves from separation consciousness. These are Creation Waves that emanate from the mind and not the heart. These waves create distortions in the quantum field of consciousness creating realities that are dualistic or what we experience as separation. When the heart is closed, we are cut off from our Light, the Source. Our consciousness is veiled, and we believe we are the mind, the ego, and we generate energy or Creation Waves from our thoughts as a separate self. This is why we experience disharmony in our realities. However, as we begin to create from unity consciousness, our hearts begin to open and more and more we begin to create from our hearts. When we follow our hearts, we are emanating Creation Waves that are in tune with the Music of the Spheres or unity consciousness. This creates harmony in our realities and allows us to flow. When we follow our heart, our creation comes into alignment with the highest timeline available to us according to our current blueprint or Light Body.

Creation waves emanate from the Source. The Source is the heart center of any logos within Creation. When we are fully ascended, our heart portal is fully open, and we create as a Pure Source with the infinite energy or Light. This means that the Creation Waves emanated from our heart center are in harmonic resonance with Creation. When our heart is closed, or we are still going back and forth between our mind and heart (in any dimension) then our waves contain distortions and are not in harmonic resonance with Creation. This creates realities of duality, polarity and/or separation. These become easier to create and dismantle as we ascend into the higher dimensions and are creating more from our hearts. These pulsating waves of Creation are the heartbeat of any logos. Through ascension we create more of our Cosmic Blueprint and thus we are able to embody more Light, helping to create higher vibrational realities on higher timelines. Creation Waves are constantly emanating from the Source, this means that they are constantly emanating from every logos in Creation unless we are in observer mode. When we are completely in our heart, in stillness, observing our reality as Pure Consciousness, then we are not creating these waves. Instead, we are in zero point, the space of no time – even outside of the eternal now. Here we are simply watching the entire ocean, all waves collapse, and we sit in Oneness as the observer and the observed. It is a very surreal state of being and the purest, blissful state of being. However, one cannot function from this state of being. Please understand that we achieve this state through stillness. It is a stillness of the mind, the heart, the everything that makes Creation Waves in the field of consciousness, but it is not a constant state – unless we return to the Great Void, the eternal Source of Creation from whence all things come. Eventually, we come back to the Creator state or Source state of experiencing our life here on Gaia or throughout the Cosmos.  

Creation Waves are waves of varying frequency coming from the sun, the moon, the galaxy, people, animals or any external Source that affects our consciousness. They also come from within ourselves as the Source. These waves vary in frequency according to what we can send and receive based on our own energy blueprint or Light Body. However, there will come a time in the individual journey and the collective journey when the outside Sources of Light or waves no longer influence the reality of the logos. When the waves from an external Source such as the sun or the moon will no longer affect the consciousness of a logos because they only pertain to certain dimensions of consciousness. Once a logos is fully ascended and embodied, they become the Source of all, which means that the outside waves no longer affect them. They still receive Light that aids in conscious evolution. It is simply received from the infinite Source within instead of through another logos.

Attached are few drawings to help bring a visual understanding to what has been written. These are elementary and somewhat crude in nature but should aid in assisting the reader in putting the pieces together.

Simple Illustration of the varying frequency in Creation Waves. The longer the expansion (creating) and contraction (dismantling) period, the lower the frequency or dimension. The further we travel out from the Source to experience our Creation and then back to the Source via dismantling to evaluate the experience, to create a higher experience or cycle around again

Illustration of a 3D reality being created from a thought. The energy travels from the brain, down the vertical pillar to the portals and energy lines that send and receive that frequency of consciousness, then out as a Creation Wave in what is called a bi-wave or Flower of Life geometric Light pattern. In a human body those for the 3D are located from the belly button down.

Illustration of a 12D reality being created from the heart. The energy is created from the Source portal in the center of the heart, it then travels along the vertical pillar to the mind for decoding, then out of the mind along the vertical pillar throughout the diamond grids or energy lines in the body, throughout all 144 portals in the Light Body, then emanating from the logos as a 12D Creation Wave in what is called a tri-wave or Trinity Source Spiral geometric Light pattern .(See reference links below) In this illustration the dots represent one of the 144 portals that are a part of the fully ascended Light Body. This is also an example of multi-dimensionality as this logos will be able to experience or “see” all dimensions playing through their reality.

The illustration is an example of receiving Light from another Source our Sun Solaris. It is received in the Light Body to further evolution, build our blueprint and create individual and collective realities. We may receive Creation Waves from any Source including other humans, planets, galaxies, etc. or we may shield our energy at our own will.

It is worth mentioning that each one of the 144 stargate portals in our bodies has a corresponding center in our brain that activates or Lights up when we experience a particular frequency. These brain centers are opened during the ascension process and new neural networks are created so we can experience the higher dimensions of consciousness by using our entire brain. This is one reason why we experience a lot of pain in the brain during ascension. We are activating parts of our brain that have been dormant. It is through these brain centers that we can experience realities in the higher dimensions as Divine HUmans. This is an important part of understanding how we interpret Light or waves that are received into our Light body from other Sources. An example would be telepathy. Additionally, I would like to mention that the energy bodies I have drawn on the figures above were to depict the twelve main dimensional stargates of the HUman Light body. They are not to scale and do not include the full Diamond Sun Body of 144 portals with countless diamond grid sections that run through the body. Again, these drawings are elementary, not to scale and simply are a tool to try and give the mind a visual Light activation to remember this within your own consciousness. All writing and drawings are Light encoded to assist the reader in activating this wisdom within yourself.

© 2020 Divine Organization ​

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