Geography of the Collective Diamond Sun Body

We have broken the Master Build of Terra Nova out so we could see the many roles that must be played to create the foundation for the collective ascension and build of the entire Cosmic Blueprint. We understand that the radiation centers are the heart centers of certain geographic locations that are fractal Diamond Sun Bodies of the Collective Diamond Sun Body and that each of these radiation centers becomes a Source Point or Light House in which an ascension center will manifest at some point during the Master Build of Terra Nova. These locations are based geographically according to the original formations of the planetary body as one land mass that has split apart throughout the evolution of the Earth.

These geographical locations also correspond to certain points or coordinates on the consciousness fractal which also translate into certain GPS coordinates on the planet. Everything is weaved together as ONE consciousness; therefore, the Creation of the GPS system is a manifestation by consciousness to align with radiation centers that would manifest on future timelines within the collective story. For instance, the heart center and Temple of Light for the twelfth dimension is located at 22 degrees latitude on the Island of Kauai. 22 is the Master Builder code of this Universe and Kauai is the final section of the Collective Diamond Sun Body that will be activated. It is not within the scope of this work to share the location of every radiation center or coordinates to these centers, as the collective ascension must continue to unfold before this can happen. At this time, we will share with the Collective Consciousness of Terra Nova the locations of the twelve dimensional or twelve Creation Rays grid sections of the Collective Diamond Sun Body and the twelve Temples of Light.

First, let us give some background on the formation of the planetary and collective Light body to assist in our understanding of why the grid sections are located where they are today. Our planetary body is a sphere and not a vertical body like humans. Therefore, the architecture manifests differently physically but carries the same blueprint. In other words, humans have a central column called the spinal column and it is a straight vertical line that the Source stargates (3,6,9, 12) run along and send Light out into the other dimensional stargates (1,2,4,5,7,8,10,11) which in turn send Light to the remaining stargates of the 144 main stargates in the body that feed the meridian points and remaining grid structures. It is a tree like structure that branches out from a vertical pillar to feed the entire Light body. The planet’s spinal column does not run in one vertical line like our vessels. Instead, there are mountain chains or volcanic belts that act as the spinal column of Terra Nova to move the Light through our Collective Diamond Sun Body to the planetary stargates and so forth. Also, the physical body of the planet was once one land mass that has separated over time. This has contributed to the current location of the stargates across Terra Nova.

These are key to understanding the geography or layout/manifestation of the Cosmic Blueprint in our physical world. The next key to understanding is that since our planet is a sphere, we have a Northern Hemisphere and a Southern Hemisphere that are divided by the Equator at zero degrees latitude. This is important to know because our annual collective ascension timeline is tied to the Northern Hemisphere. The Northern Hemisphere is also where 90% of the human population resides, which is another manifestation of consciousness preparing itself for ascension.

The planet as a whole is ONE Collective Diamond Sun Body that encompasses all of Terra Nova. Then the land masses are divided by twelve multiple times to create the consciousness fractal and multiple layers of Diamond Sun Bodies that each have a heart center or radiation center. The twelve largest grid sections are grouped into dimensional levels as part of the physical manifestation of the consciousness fractal. This means that we have a personality grid section, soul/solar, galactic, and Universal grid section that are made up of three of the twelve largest grid sections and each of these have three Temples of Light that correspond to three different Creation Rays and dimensions. The sizes and shapes of the grid sections are not even across the planet. Some cover much larger areas with less population and some cover smaller areas with more population. We are talking about the highest level of separation, into the twelve rays and dimensions, which places all the world within one of the twelve tribes, rays, or dimensions.

We want to make it very clear that just because a location falls within a certain dimension or ray, the consciousness there is not bound only to this dimension. It simply means that this location feeds the entire Collective Diamond Sun Body with Light at this level to power our collective realities. We must be able to see the geographical locations of these grid sections as ONE to truly be able to grasp how the entire blueprint and Master Build works.

We said earlier that the annual collective ascension timeline is tied to the Northern Hemisphere. The reason for this is that the personality level of the consciousness fractal for the Collective Diamond Sun Body is located below the Equator. This means that our consciousness has already embodied these dimensions and so we are ascending through the remaining dimensions that are all located in the Northern Hemisphere. Therefore, the solar events that affect the Northern Hemisphere annually, are what drive the collective ascension. However, all consciousness on Terra Nova participates and benefits from these events as ONE.

Now that we understand a little more about the geography of the blueprint on Terra Nova, we are going to share a map of the planet. On this map are the twelve grid sections that correspond to the twelve rays and dimensional stargates on Terra Nova. At this point in the collective ascension, we are sharing the grid section and Temple locations only. As we progress into the Master Build of Terra Nova more will be shared about the locations of the Cities of Light and Light Communities across the planet. Also, the exact locations of where one section ends, and another begins, are futile to pinpoint exactly as they overlap just as all energy within the blueprint. Therefore, each section is shown in its approximate location on Terra Nova.

Remember that within each of these twelve grid sections there is one location that will become a Temple of Light. There are also twelve of the 144 main planetary stargates within each grid section that will become Cities of Light and Galactic Civilizations. Then there are many micro radiation centers located at the meridian points that will become Light Communities. Our collective ascension will see the Light Communities springing up first which will create the wave needed to activate the larger grid sections as the collective ascension progresses.

As we can see from the picture of the land masses of Terra Nova, there are twelve different grid sections marked on it that each corresponds to one of the twelve rays of Creation and twelve dimensional stargates of our Collective Diamond Sun Body. This means that located within the boundaries of each one there is a location of a future Temple of Light on Terra Nova as indicated by the purple triangles. Each of these Temples are responsible for maintaining balance of a particular ray and dimension on Terra Nova. These are the twelve flames that burn at each Temple where a Great Architect and Twelve Master Builders reside. The Great Architects are also responsible for balancing and stabilizing all Light within the entire grid section and birthing Light into the grids for manifestation of collective realities. This allows the blueprints of entire grid sections to be filtered from these locations through the grids into all radiation centers and micro radiation centers of these twelve grid sections. Again, we are showing this map to help the collective understand Diamond Sun Architecture and the blueprint unfolding on Terra Nova through the Master Build.

Now that we have a visual to help us. Let us look at the Equator and see that below it lies the stargates for the personality level of our collective consciousness. The first section contains Antarctica, Australia, and various Pacific Islands. The Temple of Light for this section is located near Uluru, the red rock, in Australia. The second section encompasses most of South America and the Temple of Light for this section is located near Lake Titicaca in the Andes. Finally, the third section is located in the middle to lower part of Africa, home to Homo Sapiens. The Temple of Light is located near the ancient volcano, Pilanesberg, surrounded by platinum mines and the world’s richest diamond deposits; that have helped spread diamonds around the globe as part of the manifestation of the Collective Diamond Sun Body. These three sections make up the all the stargates and radiation centers of the personality level of the consciousness fractal as well as three Temples of Light that will manifest as three separate Rays of Creation.

Above them in the Northern Hemisphere lies the majority of the collective consciousness and remaining grid sections. Because our collective consciousness is embodying the higher dimensions, the annual ascension timeline corresponds to solar events that affect these levels of the Collective Diamond Sun Body as we are ascending into soul (4,5,6), galactic (7,8,9), and universal (10,11,12,) consciousness. We can see that the stargates for the soul level of our collective consciousness are within the North American continent. The stargates for the galactic level are located in the Near East, Middle East, Northern Africa, and Europe. The Universal level stargates are located in Russia, China, Southeast Asia and the Hawaiian Islands.  

These twelve grid sections make up the entire Collective Diamond Sun Body of Terra Nova. We can see from the image that each level of the consciousness fractal is grouped together geographically with the other sections of the same level. As the collective ascension continues, the Light and energy will continue to move across the planet like a wave with more and more Light entering the collective Light body as each level comes online. We must remember that the entire collective is ascending as ONE, what is shifting is how much Light we are able to hold as a collective. As the different sections come online, we are able to hold more Light. Also, once the radiations centers are activated during the collective shift, the collective is going to increase in frequency in a more quantum nature and less in a linear nature of the lower dimensions. This means that we can be activating multiple grid sections simultaneously throughout the collective ascension.

This representation is to show the entire Collective Diamond Sun Body that fractals down from the twelve Temples of Light and twelve great radiation centers into the 144 main radiation centers that are located on the 144 main planetary stargates. Then to the many micro radiation centers on the meridian points that will manifest Light Communities. All of this together is ONE Collective Diamond Sun Body that has ONE radiation center that is the Diamond Solar Heart and radiation center of the Master Architect. This radiation center is currently located within the sixth dimensional section for as long as the collective consciousness is embodying soul consciousness. Once the collective ascends into galactic consciousness, the Diamond Solar Heart will shift to the ninth dimensional section. Finally, when the collective is ready to embody universal consciousness, the Diamond Solar Heart will shift to Kauai as the Head Quarters or Heart of the Divine Organization of Terra Nova for the remainder of its existence.

All geographical locations of stargates, radiation centers, ascension centers, Temples of Lights, Cities of Light and Light Communities are coded into the DNA of the collective consciousness. Some receive actual coordinates through their consciousness, others are guided to move or travel to certain locations. Once the radiation centers are activated and the beacons of Light go out during the collective shift, the DNA of ascending beings will be activated, and many will feel the call to move or shift geographically to align to these radiation centers on Terra Nova. The geographic locations of the radiation centers and grid sections are strategically located across the planet to create a balanced Light body for the collective to manifest multidimensional collective realities. Each section will be fully activated when the collective is able to achieve the Light quotient and frequency necessary to trigger the DNA and Light codes of the blueprint to manifest the infrastructure needed to support the Light of that section.

All sections are connected as ONE consciousness to the Collective Diamond Sun Body, crystalline matrix of this planet. There is no one section better than another, as all sections are receiving the Light of the Source and are simply acting as filtering agents for the entire collective. We will see more physical manifestations near the active stargates and grid sections as a by product of the Light the collective is able to send and receive. This is also part of the phases of the Master Build that protect the stability of the collective hologram and allow for consciousness to ascend in a safe and stable manner through the dimensions.

The geographical locations shared should be used to help the reader see how the consciousness fractal and Cosmic Blueprint manifest on Terra Nova. And ultimately, how the blueprint will fractal down to create a collective ascension from the ground up.

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