Group Q/A Webinars ~ $33

Group webinars are an excellent way to share information and Light codes with a broader audience accelerating everyone’s journey. The questions and answers are shared within the group so each benefits from them all. As each is vibrating at different frequencies, these are multi-dimensional calls thereby assisting participants across all existences and dimensions. This assists with template writing and code activating for multiple Light Body templates simultaneously, providing a quantum experience for all participants. 

These group calls are limited to a small group of souls where each has an opportunity to ask Sophia a question regarding their own journey or anything ascension related. All information is shared openly to assist all on their journey as well as supporting the collective ascension. 

The webinars are conducted via Zoom and are recorded to be shared as a teaching tool for all. Please check the Events page to see when the next group webinar is scheduled. 

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The Divine Organization of Terra Nova is dedicated to bringing forth the Cosmic Blueprints for this star system through the collective ascension. We are here to be a Source of Light for the collective through co-creating and sharing with embodied beings across the planet through our Light Resource Center. All information shared is to update on the unfoldment of the Cosmic Blueprint for this star system and to share Divine Wisdom and Light to support the ascension process of all beings upon our planet into full embodiment as ONE collective consciousness into the fully ascended star system Terra Nova. 


© 2020 Divine Organization of Terra Nova​

Love ~ Unity ~ Neutrality

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