How it all Works

In another section, we defined and discussed in detail the separate components of The Divine Organization of Creation. These are the electric and magnetic forces of the Father and Mother God, the High Council of Light, the Master Builder Councils of Light, the Cosmic Stargates, each soul in Creation as a tonal chord and all Light in the Universe as the Divine Child. All of which is ONE. Each component is an essential part of the Cosmic Diamond Sun Body that together make up The Divine Organization of Creation. This energetic structure follows a blueprint creating through Diamond Sun Architecture and it is the energetic structure that creates the fabric of existence itself. Without this unified and methodical structure in place, the entire manifested Cosmos would not exist. It was essential in our understanding of the whole to identify these each separately. It is like having all the pieces of a house laid out separately and then the build begins. When it is all complete, all that we see is one house. However, we know that there are many pieces or parts that went into its construction. This is how Diamond Sun Architecture works. We have many parts that go into the construction of our Diamond Sun Body, each one becomes a part of the structure and we no longer see it as separate. Instead, we see it all as ONE living Light structure we call the Cosmos. Now that we have a clearer understanding of each component of the architecture of our Cosmic house, let us dive into how these all work together as one to create the holographic realities of Creation.

All of us are familiar with electricity. We use it everyday to power our world. All electricity on electrical grids runs through an organized system that eventually delivers it right to our homes where we can simply flip a switch and the Light turns on. Fundamentally, this system is very similar to how the Divine Organization of Creation works to power our holographic Universe. To help us understand this structure better, we are going to use the analogy of an electrical grid system to help illustrate how the Diamond Sun Body and Divine Organization of Creation work as an intelligent living Light structure known as Consciousness to create all holographic realities within spacetime.

The first thing we need to address is electricity. In our example, electricity will be equivalent to Light as the Divine Child. All this electricity or Light comes from the Infinite Source. To simplify the analogy, in our example the Light from Source will be from our Sun Solaris and the Diamond Sun Body will be the collective Light Body of Gaia. Now imagine that all electricity on our planet is created from solar panels and that we have twelve power plants on our planet that harvest the Light of the sun to send electricity to the inhabitants of Earth. Each power plant has a command station that oversee the electricity sent and received at each of the twelve power plants. Then there is a central command station that oversees all twelve power plants and all electricity sent and received into the planetary electrical system. This is the backbone of the electrical infrastructure of the planet. Additionally, there are hundreds of sub-stations across the planet that have solar panels and help to send and receive the electricity as well. Finally, each house has solar panels, and they too send and receive electricity into the planetary grid system. Additionally, all these systems are connected through wires as one organization that allows the electricity to flow freely around the planet. With this system in place, everyone on Gaia can have electricity to power their lives. Now that we can see the entire grid system beginning to take shape in our minds, let us break them down for further understanding.

We will start with the Central Command that oversees the electricity for the entire planet. This part of the system represents the role of the Mother and Father God forces. The individuals that are incarnated as physical beings to facilitate these roles are responsible for the overall balance of all Light on the planet. They are responsible for maintaining the electric and magnetic forces of all Light in the planetary Light Body to keep the entire hologram stabilized. If there is too much of a certain frequency, then it is released through their Light Body. If there is too little, then it is brought into the planetary Light Body through their vessel. Additionally, these individuals bring through the Light and birth it into the planetary Light Body to bring about entire collective realities for manifestation as well as activate the Diamond Sun Body of the Collective when the collective frequency rises. They work as Pure Source Conduits at the highest level of Creation to maintain the collective Light Body as ONE living Light structure.

The command centers of the twelve power plants work in a similar way to the Central Command centers. The command centers represent the twenty-four roles of the High Council of Light incarnated as physical beings upon Gaia. They are responsible for maintaining the electric and magnetic forces of all Light within each of the twelve dimensions of the planetary Light Body to keep all realities within each dimension stabilized. If there is too much or too little of any particular frequency, then it is released or brought in via their Light Body. These individuals work within each dimension that they are facilitating to activate and maintain that portion of the Diamond Sun Body and to manifest collective realities within that dimension. They work as Pure Source Conduits at the highest level of Creation to maintain specific dimensional frequencies within the collective Light Body or Diamond Sun Body of Gaia.

We can begin to see how in our electrical grid example, these command centers oversee or manage the overall electrical input and output into the planetary grids. Too much electricity sent through a grid can cause severe damage, too little and there is no power to power our world. This is the same role that the Father and Mother God forces and High Councils of Light on our planet do with the Light of our Diamond Sun Body. Too much high-density Light before our planetary Light Body can handle it and we blow up. Too much dense energy in the grids and we begin to implode. Therefore, having incarnated beings physically located around the globe facilitating these roles ensures that the entire planetary Light Body stays within balance and stays together so that we can have our collective holographic experience within Creation.

Now that we can relate the command centers that oversee the electrical power plants to Consciousness that oversees the balance of Light in our collective Light Body. Let us talk about the twelve power plants from our electrical grid example. These twelve power plants each represent one of the twelve dimensions of Creation and they are staffed by the 144 Master Builders that are incarnated as physical beings on Gaia. Each of these 144 represent one of the 144 Cosmic Rays or harmonic frequencies of this Universe. In our example, we said the power plants get solar Light to bring electricity into the planet. In our Diamond Sun Body, these twelve “power plants” are the twelve-dimensional stargates that receive Light directly from the Infinite Source and/or Great Central Sun of each dimension. Individually, each member is responsible for maintaining the balance of their assigned ray within their respective dimension of the planetary Light Body. Together, they are responsible for maintaining the dimensional stargate and balance of all Light within a certain dimension here on our planet. Each of the twelve power plants has a manager which becomes the thirteenth. This individual works as the Pure Source Conduit to bring in the Source Light to each dimension when needed. Together, these twelve Councils of Light, maintain the balance and realities for each dimension within the collective Diamond Sun Body.

Again, we can see how these power plants or Councils of Light are a necessary part of maintaining balance within each dimension of our collective Diamond Sun Body and bringing in Light to create collective realities within these dimensions. They also play an important part of maintaining the balance of each of the 144 harmonic frequencies of this Universe within the Light Body. This is important when the collective is experiencing certain emotions and/or lessons that cause dramatic spikes in certain frequency bandwidths. Additionally, these Councils of Light work directly with the sub-stations or Cosmic Stargates of the planet that filter the Light in and out of the Diamond Sun Body to create and experience our collective holographic realities. These sub-stations or Cosmic Stargates located around the planet are maintained by Gate Keepers and other incarnated beings who are also frequency holders for the Cosmic frequencies. These beings help to facilitate and maintain specific rays or frequencies of Light within the planetary Light Body. These sub-stations or stargates are the projectors and receptors for these specific rays of Light to come in and out of the collective Diamond Sun Body to create the holographic realities that we experience as a collective consciousness. As well as communication points with other consciousness throughout Creation within the same frequency bandwidth. The Gate Keepers at these stargate locations are assigned to specific locations for long periods of their lives on Gaia and act as guardians to these portals across the planet.

This brings us to each house with its solar panels. Each of these houses is connected to the electrical grid and because they have solar panels, each is a mini power plant. This means that each house can send and receive electricity as needed to the planetary grid system. In our collective Diamond Sun Body, each house represents every individual on Gaia. Each of these individuals is coded as a certain tonal chord or ray of Creation vibrating at a certain frequency. This means that each house or individual is always sending and/or receiving Light into the collective Light Body at varying frequencies that together create our multidimensional New Earth and collective holographic realities. Additionally, when we are all vibrating at the same or similar frequencies, we create huge spikes in our planetary Light Body that are visible on the Schuman resonance.

We have identified the parts of our electrical grid and how each corresponds to roles within the Divine Organization. In our electrical grid example, all these parts are connected around the planet via wires. We have wires moving the electricity around the planet to wherever it needs to go. In the Diamond Sun Body, these parts are connected, and Light is moved through the crystalline matrix or quantum field of Creation. There are no wires. All is connected via a web or matrix of Light that is made up of tiny geometric Light structures that project and reflect Light to create a holographic experience. The entire thing is a living Light structure that we call the Cosmic Diamond Sun Body. And it is how Light is organized within this Diamond Sun Body that we get to have a holographic Universe and holographic realities. This Divine Organization of Creation is the Cosmic Blueprint that creates all life in the Cosmos. It is the organization that is responsible for creating all logos and fractals of consciousness within Creation. Without this blueprint, this organization of Light, then nothing in our Universe would exist. And, because we are creating a physical replication of this blueprint on Gaia as a collective consciousness, this organization is being created via our physical bodies and physical places upon our planet. Each of us play a role in bringing forth this organization of Light known as The Divine Organization of Terra Nova to create all multidimensional realities of our New Earth and to bring Heaven to Earth.

What is even more amazing is that every individual is coded to bring forth these realities into form within our New Earth. Things like creating websites, building ecovillages and communities, creating permaculture farms, teaching children, building infrastructure, bringing new technologies to our planet, creating sustainable living methods and so much more. Through our collective evolution, more and more people will awaken and remember their purpose and roles here on Gaia and together we will all contribute our Light to building the Diamond Sun Body and collective realities here on Gaia. It is the Light of every logos upon Gaia that makes up the totality of the Divine Organization of Terra Nova. Just as it is the Light of every logos in Creation that makes up the totality of the Cosmic Diamond Sun Body.ano

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