The Divine Organization of Terra Nova

Light Resource Center

Photo Credit Daniel Holeman

This section of our website is evolving as a growing resource center. It is a space for Pure Source Conduits and other ascended beings on Gaia to share their Light with the collective. These Light resources are the websites, videos, articles, talk shows and much more that assist individuals and the collective with the ascension process. Through a co-creation with these New Earth visionaries, this Light Resource Center will be a Source of Light for those seeking Divine Wisdom and Light of the purest and highest frequencies on our planet. This space is part of bringing unity consciousness to our planet by unifying and linking together the Light of our planet in the physical realm. Please check back frequently as more Light Resources are added.


Sophia’s personal consciousness blog sharing insights and experiences of life as a fully ascended Light being and Pure Source Conduit embodied on Gaia. Please click here to visit

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