Excerpts from The Divine Organization of Creation Part 2, The Master Plan of Terra Nova

The Genetic Experiment Excerpt
"The creation and evolution of the star system Terra Nova is and has always unfolded according to Divine Will through a Master Plan for the evolution and physical ascension of this star system and all life here. This master plan was originally seeded into the Diamond Sun Body of Terra Nova and includes the original planetary DNA as well as the DNA of all life that would ever inhabit this star system. DNA is how consciousness codes space time for the unfoldment of the Divine plan or Light programs within all logi in this Universe. It is essentially the software program that speaks to the biological Light ship and Universal Time Matrix for a logos to have an experience or life within this holographic Universe. The DNA is part of Diamond Sun Architecture containing the Light codes or programs for a logos across all dimensions of space time that will create the Diamond Sun Body of each logos, allowing the master plan of the logos to be fulfilled through manifestation of realities in the physical world or etheric world. All experiences are held within our DNA, which essentially in a human body, is a physical manifestation of our Light codes into the genes and codons coded within the DNA of our vessels. The DNA is a time stamp, a record keeper, a film strip, a flash drive, or memory card, etc. that is the key to all Light programs that a logos will experience in a lifetime. Every logos in Creation is coded with an experience from the moment it is created until its return to the Source, and this is the lifetime that we mean in this text. These codes tell the logos when and how to manifest within the Universal Time Matrix or Cosmic Diamond Sun Body of this Universe. It tells the logos what experiences it will have as consciousness experiencing itself in a myriad of forms both physical and etheric. Every logos has a master plan to its existence. A master plan that was created at the birth of the logos and that contains its entire evolution as an expression of the ONE. In this writing we are going to dive deep into the Master Plan of Terra Nova. The Master Plan covers everything from where and how the planet was formed, to what life would exist here, to when and what species would evolve into fully ascended consciousness in a physical vessel, to where the dimensional stargates are located, to when and how we would know where they are and how the entire ascension of this star system would unfold over billions of years of man's time. It is a huge undertaking to put into linear language and will likely challenge everything you believe in about the creation of our species, evolution, our past, our future and how and why we were created. "
Evolving Through Time Excerpt
"The fluid nature of time as waves of Light or great cycles, creates what we call shifts in consciousness. The dates the cycles "start" and "stop", the static nature of time, are simply our interpretation of the wave to help the linear mind see the pattern and identify the coming "changes in the season" as the ancients viewed it. In reality, the energy of the wave is more fluid and does not "start" or "stop" on a specific date in time. In fact, the energy or Light from one wave or timeline to the next overlaps as we are working to integrate the Light from the next wave, which creates a more continuous flow or fluid like nature to time. So, we can see that on an annual basis our collective consciousness goes through shifts or "seasons" as we experience time or the wave of Light from our annual collective timeline and these shifts appear seamless to our consciousness through the fluid nature of time. We digressed to this timeline to illustrate these key ideas about time and timelines that are going to help us in understanding the Master Plan of Terra Nova and how great cycles of time are literally just filtered or separated Light from the Infinite Source assisting in our evolution and ascension. This also reminds us that Creation Waves affect consciousness that is bound by the limits of the time or frequency of Light contained within the timeline. As we awaken and begin to see the patterns, aka timelines, then we can begin to free ourselves of time and timelines throughout the layers or dimensions of spacetime within the Universal Time Matrix. Once consciousness fully ascends there is no need for timelines any longer as consciousness becomes the Source, the center of the Universe, vibrating at all frequencies of this Universe, able to experience the eternal now within the reality of ONE."
Creation Stories and Ancient Civilizations Excerpt
"As we have mentioned in the opening of this book, life on Terra Nova is a genetic experiment of consciousness within this Universe. The DNA of all life on Terra Nova is made up of a combination of the star nations, Andromeda, Lyra, Sirius, Arcturus, and the Pleaides. All used to create new life we call Earth seeds and a new star system called Terra Nova. Consciousness creates new life in the Universe just as a man and woman create new life on Earth. The DNA of the mother and the DNA of the father mix into one new set of DNA to create a new Universe we call a child. The DNA also acts like a record or timekeeper of all experiences for the life of the logos, past, future and present. It carries the Light Codes that will manifest the holographic reality for the logos that are activated by vibrational triggers during the evolution of the logos. In other words, as the logos is able to hold more Light at higher frequencies, new codes are activated within the DNA which open new energy centers in the Diamond Sun Body of the logos and allows higher holographic realities to manifest. "
Phases of the Master Build Excerpt
"Phase Three is the final stage of the Master Build of Terra Nova. The global and galactic civilizations on Terra Nova are joined into ONE star nation of Terra Nova. The Temples of Light are activated as the Great Radiation Centers on Terra Nova with one Great Architect for each temple. The Great Architects power massive sections of the Collective Diamond Sun Body and work with the High Councils of Light on Terra Nova to evolve the collective and build the Universal level of the blueprint. These beings are ascended from the tenth dimension to fully ascended Creators Incarnate and bring Universal Wisdom to the collective. We are becoming Cosmic Citizens and preparing to take over the planet as Earth seeds. During this phase, the collective consciousness will merge the Cities of Light on Terra Nova into ONE as bilocation and teleportation become realities on our planet. We will learn how to harness the Infinite Light of Creation through our Diamond Solar Heart as the Infinite Source fully embodied as a star nation. This means we will have infinite energy to create with as a star system. The Temples of Light will serve as power distribution plants for Pure Source Light throughout Terra Nova as well as ascension centers for new life on Terra Nova. We have embodied all twelve dimensions of this Universe and Pure Source Consciousness as a star nation. Our ascension is complete, the Master Build of Terra Nova is complete."
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