Mechanics of Ascension on an Ascending Star System – Part 1

To better explain the role of the star seeds within the story of Terra Nova, we are sharing an article series that was written during the early formations of the Divine Organization website in 2019 prior to the migration to the Diamond Sun Body or New Earth grid system. This information helps to illustrate and explain the role of star seeds on an ascending star system and how the star seeds on Terra Nova played an integral part in preparing the planet for ascension. We will also be expanding on this information to explain in detail the roles of the star seeds as Architects and Builders in the Master Build of Tera Nova.

This information will read as separation much like our journey through the Seven Ages as it is another layer of the collective story. However, it is time for this act to unfold on the world stage as part of the Master Plan of Terra Nova. Simply remember that star seeds and Earth seeds are another part of the ONE story playing out on Terra Nova and within our Universe, all played by the ONE.

Part 1 – November 2019

We are going to take a journey together today that is going to expand your consciousness and challenge your mind to let go of all preconceived notions of what ascension is. For those that have been part of the ascension community for years, we may feel we know the in’s, out’s and how to’s of ascension. However, the ascension process that we went through as star seeds is completely opposite the ascension process the collective consciousness of Terra Nova will go through. The purpose of the star seed ascension was to create a foundation, a grid system or matrix in which the collective could complete their ascension from the lower dimensions of the third and fourth dimensions up through the higher dimensions of the twelfth dimension into a fully ascended star system.

Just as there is structure within structure to the Cosmos, there are also stories within stories within the Cosmos. Think of Creation as one big novel. A book written long ago. In this book there are characters. Some of the characters are introduced in the beginning of the book (the original seed point of Creation) and some are introduced at various “times” in the book (various seed points within Creation). Let us use the character of a mother. She is created at the beginning of the story and evolves throughout the story and one day has a child at a certain point within the story. Now the child will evolve within the story just as the mother has and the story continues. Both characters are characters or roles within the book. However, at the point in the story (the eternal now) where the child is born, the mother is more evolved. Through more eternal now moments the child will eventually evolve just as the mother has. Or if you flipped the pages forward a few chapters and read there, the child is already evolved. Is one character better than the other? Or is it irrelevant because they are both characters portrayed by the same author, created equally within the same book. Is one character truly “older” or more “evolved” than the other? Or is it irrelevant because “time” does not exist within the story and at any page (now moment) within the story the evolution of each can be experienced anytime.

This is the same concept as Creation, the eternal play that is the manifested Cosmos. There are founder souls, old souls, evolving souls, young souls, souls that are yet to be – however every soul is the same. It is the same Pure Consciousness creating and playing every part. Every soul is a character within the play of Creation. Every soul is experienced in the eternal now exactly how they are in that now moment. Regardless of what now moment a soul is experiencing itself in, they are always the ONE eternal actor, Pure Consciousness, playing the part. This is how the play of Creation continues eternally. These ascension and evolution cycles are part of the pattern in the manifest world that drives Creation forward. There is no wrong or right, higher or lower, better or worse. There is just consciousness playing a particular part in the story.

We are players in the play of Creation, moved by Divine Will once awake or lost in free will while asleep. The play climaxes on each star system when all players fully wake up within the play or dream. The play then becomes a waking lucid dream where we all live and create as the actor, Pure Consciousness, playing the part. Yet we remain wearing our masks as a player because…well…the show must go on.

Using the example above as a guide, let us look at what ascension and evolution (expansion of consciousness) looks like on an evolving star system.

The star seeds incarnated on this planet are matured or maturing souls that have come from star systems in which a collective ascension has already occurred. The star seeds were once “young souls” that had to begin their evolution in Creation from the lower dimensions up to the highest dimensions of this Universe. Some star seeds that are incarnated here are still working to fully achieve this and some are fully ascended. There are also the founder souls of this Universe, the Master Christos Collective, that incarnate on a star system when it is ready to make its ascent into the higher dimensions of this Universe. These are the “old souls”, that fully embody during their ascension on the star system to complete the highest layers of the foundation needed to support the evolution and ascension of the star system. Then there are the Founder Orders, souls from the original seed point of Creation that come from the highest layers of Creation. They only incarnate on a star system when it is ready to ascend into unity consciousness and bring forth the Divine Organization.

The star seeds incarnated here go through ascension in what could be called a remembrance of life and experiences in the higher dimensions. Through raising their frequency, they remember their existences in other dimensions and begin to embody them during the ascension process. Currently on our planet, all star seeds are wrapping up this ascension process. All are coming to the point or dimension in their soul’s evolution that they had achieved prior to incarnating and going under the veils of amnesia on this star system. The ascension cycle of the star seeds is coming to an end as the New Earth grid structures have been built by all ascending star seeds at various stages of dimensional evolution. Now we are ready to begin the collective ascension of Terra Nova into the dimensions of unity consciousness.

The Earth seeds as ONE collective consciousness will evolve the collective from the fifth dimension through the twelfth dimension, one harmonic frequency at a time. This is done in the quantum realities of the higher dimensions which allows this to be completed in “less time” than evolution in linear realities. Once the star system has evolved into a fully ascended star nation, the Earth seeds will begin their journey to other star systems throughout different dimensions, creating experiences within those dimensions on other systems within this Universe. When a new star system becomes ready for its ascension, the beings of Terra Nova will assist by being and joining a group of star seeds to help ascend the newly formed system of “young souls”. This is the process of how Creation continues to expand

To recap – star seeds and “old souls” are evolved souls that incarnate into a star system to assist with the ascension of the star system. They go through a specific (remembering) ascension process on the star system prior to the souls of origin there. This ascension of the star seeds prepares the Collective Diamond Sun Body and creates the energetic structure to support the collective ascension. The star seed’s ascension descends the higher dimensional frequencies through remembrance of the dimensions and worlds the star seeds left behind. Through frequency increases, this is embodied by the star seeds and creates the grid work and structure to support the collective hologram. Once the support is in place, the Divine Organization is activated (January 2020), and the collective ascension can begin.

The collective ascension is the evolutionary ascension of the “young souls” or evolving Earth seeds of the star system Terra Nova. These souls will begin creating templates one harmonic at a time. The system will become educated on the Cosmos, including star system origins and how consciousness evolution works along how to create with and harness Pure Source Light as a Creator. Each soul will evolve their way up through the dimensions and all layers of the consciousness fractal. This is a process that takes time and is gradual. It is evolution from the ground up. Eventually, some Earth seeds will incarnate on to an ascending star system and will go through the ascension process that the star seeds did here on Terra Nova. They will forget they are ascended to whatever dimensional frequency they have and will have to “remember” and ascend their vessel on whatever newly formed star system they incarnated on. And the pattern repeats again

The star seed ascension was a replica of the formation of the Cosmos. We will use the analogy of a house to further aid in understanding of the concept. In the construction and ultimately occupancy of a house, the blueprints are drawn up, the structure is built and then it is lived in and evolves, changes, and grows over time. There is an architect who creates detailed plans of the house and oversees the entire project, then there is a builder who leads the construction of the house, then there are multiple sub-builders that oversee specific areas of the construction, kitchen, bath, landscape etc. These sub-builders have employees, Earth seeds, that do the physical work to build the house. This is what we are doing here on Terra Nova. We are building a new house in the House of Many Mansions of the Cosmos. Once the house is complete, the owners (Earth seeds) take ownership and begin to live in this house. The house comes alive and becomes a home. It is decorated, lived in, added to, and evolves as the family that owns it evolves. This is what is occurring here now, with this ascension we are working to construct the house so that the collective can take ownership and begin to evolve their home into the star nation of Terra Nova.

This is how the Cosmos was created. There was a structure or blueprint created on which the remainder of Creation could evolve. This structure is the Cosmic Diamond Sun Body that fractals infinitely. It is the house with many mansions. It is through this structure that vibrational holographic realities are made manifest. Through the star seed ascension, this structure, the frame of the house, was created on this star system connecting it to the Solar, Galactic, and Universal structures. Now that it is in place, the build of the house continues with the assistance of all souls on this planet. Eventually, through completion of our house, the souls on this planet will evolve through the different layers or dimensions by manifesting collective realities within each. They will ascend through the dimensions by building the blueprint and creating the realities that exist within them just as all the Universe has done via the Cosmic Diamond Sun Body. When the collective comes through to New Earth, the focus isn’t so much on ascension. It is on living and being ONE – ascension becomes a byproduct of the natural evolution that will occur on this planet. It is not something to strive for, it is a part of being in unity and continuing to unify our Light through the higher dimensions until all is ONE.

The collective will not be racing to get to the twelfth dimension. It will be a gradual process of evolution. Every dimension comes with a new collective reality. Every dimension holds mystery, excitement, and a chance to understand that layer of the consciousness fractal in a more intimate way. This is part of the wonder and mystery of Creation evolving itself. It gets to experience itself anew all over again with each new star system. It is not a race or a rush – it is an experience. Something to be celebrated in every eternal now moment.

The collective ascension will become a magical journey of intimately knowing the Self, of creating an entire world of wonder and Oneness, of evolving the outer physical world through the inner world. It will be unlike anything ever done on this planet before and it will be done in the unified realities of the fifth dimension and higher of our multidimensional New Earth. The collective ascension is a gift. A gift of space, the space to learn, grow and evolve within the loving, unifying frequencies of the higher dimensions. A space where the blueprint and Organization of Light on the planet supports the growth, creation, and evolution to fully ascend this star system. Ascension takes on an entirely new meaning once we move collectively to New Earth.

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