Mechanics of Ascension on an Ascending Star System – Part 2

Part 2 – November 2019

This article serves to expand upon part one of this series and to further explain what is happening with the collective ascension on our planet. What is happening on Terra Nova is a complete fractal of how the Universe was formed. When the Universe was formed, the Cosmic Diamond Sun Body or Universal Time Matrix was created. It was from this Light structure that the Cosmos could manifest or project throughout the different layers or dimensions of this Universe. The inner structure was created first which allowed the evolution of the outer structure to occur. Essentially, the blueprint or foundation to project the manifested Cosmos was created (as a manifestation itself) and from this, the projected holographic Universe was born. With the Creation of the Cosmic Diamond Sun Body through the Cosmic Blueprint of Diamond Sun Architecture, galaxies, solar systems, planets, and all logi in this Universe could now manifest in the matrix or the holographic projection that is our Universe by the fractaling Cosmic Blueprint. This creates the framework in which the entire logos (i.e., our Universe, our planet, our collective consciousness, or our individual soul) will manifest or project its holographic reality from.

Fast forward a few billion years from the formation of our Universe to the formation of Terra Nova. The planet began to take shape and form biological life here. Life was eventually seeded here as a genetic experiment of consciousness through physical body ascension We have now come to the point in our evolution where the souls of origin on Terra Nova are ready to awaken and connect with the Cosmic Diamond Sun Body. These souls are far enough along on the evolutionary journey to begin the ascension through the higher dimensions of this Universe to full unification with all Light as the Infinite Source. How is this achieved? By bringing the planet online with the matrices of Creation to facilitate and support a planetary ascension here. Meaning the Diamond Sun Body of the planet must mirror the blueprint of the entire Universe on every layer. This is achieved in the same process that each layer of Creation was created. At the right time in a star system’s evolution there will be a mass incarnation of volunteer souls, known as star seeds, from already ascended/evolved star systems on to the planet. These star seeds will be at varying levels of their own soul evolution ranging from the fifth dimension through the twelfth dimension.

Their purpose is to build/create the foundation that is a fractal of the Universal template or matrix. This structure will allow the projections of the collective hologram to take place in the higher dimensions of this Universe. Creating the grid structure for higher vibrational realities to manifest for the collective consciousness to experience and complete the collective ascension. It is created or built by each star seed holding a specific dimensional frequency within themselves. All Diamond Sun Bodies throughout Creation are made up of the Light of the soul or logos that created it. The grid structure created by the star seeds is the same. It is made up of the Light that is sum of all the star seeds combined as one logos. It is “temporary” in nature, meaning that the star seed’s Light will eventually give way to the Light of all Earth seeds that make up the Collective Consciousness of Terra Nova.

Because the Earth seeds are not evolved enough to do this and because this is how Creation chooses to expand itself, the star seeds incarnate to begin the massive task of preparing the planet for a collective ascension. The planet has been in the lower dimensions on the Carbon Matrix where the grid work and Light geometries of the individual and collective matrices were programmed to project holographic realities of separation and duality. This is part of the “training” ground for souls to evolve until a certain point in the evolutionary cycle. To bring the grid work or Divine Organization to the planet to support higher dimensional realities for a collective ascension, there was a massive effort of clearing density, clearing the planetary grids, and constructing the crystalline grids that had to take place on Gaia. This also had to be done within the individual bodies of every star seed that incarnated to assist in this task. This has been the purpose of the star seed ascension that has occurred on this planet.

Simultaneously, Gaia completed her ascension through completion of the planetary Diamond Sun Body so that the higher dimensional realities can manifest on Terra Nova. Through Gaia’s ascension and the star seed’s ascension, the planetary Diamond Sun Body has been completed/resurrected. This has created the Divine Organization of Terra Nova or Diamond Sun Body of the collective consciousness which is all consciousness and Diamond Sun Bodies on Terra Nova as ONE logos. The Collective Diamond Sun Body will support all collective realities on Terra Nova up to the twelfth dimension and the eternal now. Essentially, what we have been doing is creating the structure that will allow the souls of origin of the planet to begin their evolution into the higher dimensions of this Universe. The foundation is laid and now the entire blueprint can begin manifesting as the Master Build of Terra Nova. This is the time when the physical build of New Earth begins. This is the time when the souls of origin of this planet wake up and remember that they are souls and begin creating/evolving their star system into the higher dimensions of this Universe.

Everything that has transpired up to this point has been to bring through the blueprint for the framework or foundation to be in place to support the collective ascension. This is the same structure or fractal of the Cosmic Diamond Sun Body. By completing their own individual ascensions, the star seeds have created this foundation on Terra Nova for the collective consciousness. This structure will be held in place by the star seeds until the Earth seeds can support the entire Collective Diamond Sun Body themselves without the support of the star seeds. As the collective moves through the dimensions, the star seeds holding the matrix or grids at those frequencies will relinquish their role as a Pillar of Light and will be able to continue their own ascension here on Terra Nova or exit the planet and continue somewhere else in the Universe. This means that after the collective ascends to the sixth dimension, the star seed souls holding the matrix for the fifth dimensional frequencies will be relieved and will continue their own soul’s ascension. This process will continue all the way through the twelfth dimension. The logi holding the frequencies of the twelfth dimension will be the last to exit this star system. This will occur only when this star system has fully ascended.

This process is how the entirety of Creation works from the Cosmic layer down. Eventually, the Earth seeds will become volunteer souls or star Seeds on a newly evolving star system and the expansion of the Cosmos continues. All of Creation is constantly evolving into higher layers while simultaneously expanding. It is infinite and in layers beyond what the mind can comprehend. Light is infinite. Any fractal, any ray of Light can be programmed to play any role or logos within Creation. For example, there may be twelve Emerald Order souls on the Universal layer but countless fractals that play this same part throughout Creation. All structures are a fractal or replica of the Cosmic Diamond Sun Body that fractals down throughout this Universe; creating a crystalline matrix that allows consciousness to project the holographic realities of this Universe at all layers.

This structure goes by many names, web of Light, inner matrix, grid work, Divine Organization, Diamond Sun Body, etc. It is this structure that has been created through the star seed ascension here on Terra Nova. Currently and through the Winter Solstice gateway of 12/21/2019, all Star Seeds are moving into the completion phase of their ascension to the level their soul was at upon incarnating into this star system as a volunteer soul. From now until the collective shift each star seed will be assuming their position on Terra Nova as a Pillar of Light at varying frequencies to support the collective realities as we move into the collective ascension. While the foundation is complete, the work of the star seeds is not over. We will continue to support the collective through each of us playing our specific role in bringing the blueprints for the Master Build along with truth, education, technology and more to this star system once the collective shift occurs.

There will also be star seed souls that will continue to incarnate into this star system to bring forth change. These souls are Sun Children, Crystal Children and more that will incarnate here at key collective ascension triggers to bring continual evolutionary change to this system. These souls bring more knowledge, teachings, and technologies to evolve this star system at a steady pace and are brought through until the full embodiment of Terra Nova is reached. This is part of the constant support system that will always be present on this star system until it is fully evolved.

The entire star seed ascension process, up to and including the remainder of this year (2019) into the mid part of January (2020), has been to fully construct the foundation to migrate the collective to the Collective Diamond Sun Body and to have a collective ascension on Terra Nova in the higher dimensions of unity consciousness. It was a much different experience than the souls of origin will have as they prepare to begin their evolution into the higher dimensions. Many may feel that we have come to the end of the ascension. In a sense this is correct, as we have come to the end of the star seed ascension cycle. The stage is set, and we are preparing for the big scene change that will happen with the collective ascension. It can feel like an ending, a completion, because it is the birthing of the new. We have all become that which we came here to be as part of the foundation of New Earth. Now we wait until the eternal now moment unfolds in which we play these highest roles on Terra Nova to fully bring this star system into its ascended state.

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