Master Builders and Councils of Light

In a previous articles, we discussed in depth the twelve tonal chords or twelve rays of Creation. We described how there are twelve attributes of the Creator or twelve rays of Light in Creation and that these attributes are all various forms of Divine Love. Essentially, when mastered within each dimension, these attributes open our hearts into a deeper understanding and embodiment of the Source, which is Divine Love. These attributes are each a certain ray or color of Light that changes in tone and frequency within each dimension creating a total of 144 different harmonic frequencies within our Universe. These 144 harmonic frequencies or 144 rays of Light are the rays upon which all realities are created. They are known as the Master Builders of Creation because all Light in our holographic Universe comes from one of these 144 Cosmic Rays. To help us understand this, we will use the previous example of the attribute of neutrality and this time we will make it the silver ray.

There are twelve dimensions in our Universe which means that there are twelve different tones or frequencies of the silver ray. One for each of the Great Central Suns or dimensions. Just as we have a logos for each God Force, we also have a logos for each of the 144 Cosmic Rays. Which means that there are twelve logi representing each ray within each dimension. Using the silver ray example this would mean that there are twelve logi that represent the silver ray within the Cosmic Diamond Sun Body. Therefore, we can say that there are twelve logi per dimension that represent all twelve rays of Creation. This would create a total of 144 logi within the Cosmic Diamond Sun Body that each represent one of the 144 harmonic frequencies of Creation. Within each dimension, these twelve logi form a Council of Light.

Each Great Central Sun in Creation is made up of a Council of Light of Twelve logi representing each of the twelve rays within that dimension. Each logos that makes up this council represents one of the twelve rays of Creation. Continuing with the silver ray example, let us look at how this works in the first dimension. The first dimension is made up of all Light within the first Great Central Sun. This Light is comprised of the twelve rays of Creation. All the Light from the silver ray within the first dimension is represented by a logos that is a member of the Council of Light for the first dimension. Therefore, there are twelve logi that comprise the Council of Light, one for each colored ray of Creation. We can also say that there are twelve Council of Lights of Twelve within the Cosmos. One council for each of the twelve dimensions or Great Central Suns of Creation. These twelve Councils of Light are a soul group of 144 logi that are the Master Builders of this Universe.

These Councils of Light are essentially twelve logos that represent all twelve rays of Light within a dimension. This would be all Light within a dimension or Great Central Sun. So, we can say that a Council of Light is a council of logi that represent all energy or Light within a dimension. All silver light or neutrality represented by one logos. All blue light or wisdom, by another logos and so on for all twelve tonal chords, rays, or attributes of the Creator. When these twelve logi are in balance and gather, they merge to create Pure Source Consciousness and a stargate to the next higher dimension. Balance means that the electric and the magnetic forces present in the Light of every ray is balanced. And that the magnetic and electric force of Light within the entire dimension is in balance. Essentially, the merging and equilibrium of the Council creates a thirteenth energy that is the Pure White Light of Source which becomes the Divine Child of the dimension. This thirteenth is also represented by a logos who along with the others, becomes the living bridge to bring Light in and out of the dimension.

These councils of Light are formed by actual HUman vessels upon Gaia for the Collective Diamond Sun Body. This means that there is one vessel for each of the twelve Cosmic rays of each dimension and one vessel for the Pure Source Light. Individually, the logi play the role of balancing and stabilizing their ray within the collective light body. Together, the twelve logi open a dimensional stargate that allows Pure Source Light to flow into the collective Light Body as well as higher dimensional access and Light needed to stabilize and balance the collective Light Body. The Councils of Light are responsible for maintaining the frequencies of each dimension within the collective Light Body through stabilizing, balancing, clearing, etc. and the dimensional stargate for each dimension. These councils will eventually form on Gaia and there will be pyramids of Light to assist in their work here. They will be assisted by the individuals that are the incarnated God Force logi and High Council of Light here on Gaia at this time. These individuals are the backbone of the Collective Light Body and will always have HUmans assigned to be these logi or roles throughout the evolution and life of this star system.

In addition to the Councils of Light, every logos within our Universe is coded with one of the twelve tonal chords or rays of Light as its core frequency. This means that every logos plays a part in creating the holographic Universe as a unique fractal of the Source. If we remember that each tonal chord or ray represents a form of Divine Love, then we can see how each logos represents a Divine attribute like compassion for example, that helps to create the Music of the Spheres. Therefore, every logos or individual on our planet, brings a special gift to the collective Diamond Sun Body that is needed to create our collective holographic reality and New Earth. This means that every person on our planet has a part to play in creating our New Earth and one part is equally important to all parts. We may have the God Force, High Council of Light and Councils of Light but the role of being a New Earth Builder extends to all logi upon Gaia. Each person as, The Source, is coded with a Cosmic Ray, an attribute of the Creator that is uniquely played by them like a snowflake and is needed to build our New Earth and to create the Collective Diamond Sun Body. All will be guided internally to specific places upon the planet to work with others that vibrationally align individually or in groups to create the living Light structure of our Collective Diamond Sun Body. Just as there are infinite logi across our entire Universe playing these roles. Each logos upon Gaia plays Universal Builder to the Cosmic Diamond Sun Body by being a unique fractal of Source and one of the twelve tonal chords of Creation placed exactly where we each are. As above, so below.


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