Phases of the Master Build

During the first phase, the gathering of star seed councils and the formation of Light Communities around the radiation centers at the meridian locations will be the primary focus. However, these Light Communities and all realities on Terra Nova are fueled from all levels or radiation centers because the Light must enter our Collective Diamond Sun Body and filter down through the stargate system to the meridians that are the micro radiation centers at the planetary level. This means all radiation centers on Terra Nova will be actively fueling the Collective Diamond Sun Body. However, the collective will be drawn to the micro radiation centers during this phase. There are many Architects working at the planetary level as micro radiation centers on Terra Nova. These beings are ascended to New Earth and vibrate within the fifth dimension to seventh dimension of consciousness and carry blueprints for creating Light Communities across Terra Nova. The radiation centers that they are assigned to will be the Light House or Source point located on certain meridian points that will begin to call star seed ground builders and Earth seed seekers of the Light to begin forming Light Communities on Terra Nova. As this is part of the first phase of the Master Build, the dimensional frequencies of these communities will be soul consciousness up to the seventh dimension.

The Source points or radiation centers are how Source Light flows throughout the entire Collective Diamond Sun Body at all frequencies of this Universe. During the star seed ascension, we built the foundation of the Diamond Sun Body so that there could be a multidimensional collective ascension on Terra Nova. During the collective ascension, we will be building or evolving consciousness from the least potent Source points or radiation centers up to the dimensional stargates and Temples of Light. In other words, our consciousness, communities, and civilizations will build near the Source of Light or radiation centers as the fuel for our collective realities. The more crystalline our physical bodies become, the more we will flock to the radiation centers for Light. Remember, we are no longer on the carbon matrix, this means we need crystalline Light, Source Light, to fuel our world. We are also ascending into the Light which means our Light bodies are not yet capable of receiving Pure Source Light in large quantities. Therefore, we will begin to build Light Communities on meridian points that are less potent than planetary stargates and Temples of Light. This is why the Architects and Builders at the planetary level are plentiful and will work to develop Light Communities and educate the Earth seeds during the first phase of the Master Build.

These Light communities will become hubs for consciousness evolution as beings move in and out of them, carrying with them the seeds and messages of consciousness to the “old world”. Much like humans did with the Old World and New World of the sixteenth century without the bloodshed of course. However, we mention it because everything that is unfolding is part of a pattern that we can see in the past, present, or future, just at different dimensional awareness. The blueprints for Light Communities entail not only where to build these communities but also how to evolve as individual beings, how to live as group consciousness and create together to build sustainable communities that thrive locally and independently while being connected to the whole. These communities work like bee colonies with the good of the hive and the world around them as the priority and not the individual. We share our Light, our resources and all to build thriving Light Communities that will one day be able to merge with other Light Communities to create Cities of Light. First, we must develop the technology to live sustainably in large numbers and evolve our consciousness so we can interact as galactic citizens.

As the Light communities evolve, the Light quotient of the planet increases, and the collective realities are able to shift dimensionally. The old world is still visible but is collapsing more and more each day as people transition from the old way of living to a more unified localized way of living and consuming with evolution of the soul taking primary focus to life, versus old ways of viewing life and death. It is important to understand that not all humans will make this transition. Our world will still be dependent on the old ways for some time as the new is evolving and preparing to overtake the old completely. Many will transition off the planet in the coming decades and population numbers will begin to lower as the frequency of the collective consciousness increases. We must build a new model in which the old can transition to as its completely falls away, much like our evolution through the Ages, where we see a wave of evolution start in certain geographical locations and then radiate out to the world around it until all has shifted to the new. These Light Communities and micro radiation centers will evolve the collective the same way. As the understanding of how to harness Light and use energy to sustain larger groups of people comes into manifestation through the work of the Light Communities, we will experience another shift in our collective consciousness that will signal Phase Two of the Master Build of Terra Nova to begin.

In Phase Two of the Master Build of Terra Nova, the Great Build that will bring with it Cities of Light near the 144 planetary stargates and twelve Temples of Lights on the dimensional stargates will begin. We will also welcome our galactic neighbors to co-create galactic civilizations on Terra Nova. As we begin to harness the understanding and technology to live together sustainably in large numbers, Light Communities will begin to merge near planetary stargates and build Cities of Light across Terra Nova. The Main Architects and radiation centers that fueled these communities will now become the main Source of Light as they consolidate around the main radiation centers. These radiation centers are located at the 144 planetary stargates as main arteries of the planet that move Source Light from the spinal column and dimensional stargates or Temples of Light out into the collective Diamond Sun Body. The Source Light that these main radiation centers produce is more powerful than the micro radiation centers and once we are able to harness this Light appropriately, we will be able to use it to manifest Cities of Light on Terra Nova. The Main Architects work with a council of Light of twelve to oversee the energy of Cities of Light. Their consciousness is ascended from the seventh through tenth dimensions which translates to the radiation centers and Cities of Light vibrating at these frequencies as well. It will be at the formation of these cities, that the collective consciousness will begin to embody galactic consciousness.

Once we reach Phase Two, Soul Consciousness has been completely embodied by the collective, the old has completely fallen away and all consciousness on the planet is residing on Terra Nova. Once our Cities of Light are established, we begin to welcome our galactic neighbors and the first galactic civilizations are created on Terra Nova. We have moved passed solar power to harness Source Light through our Collective Diamond Sun Body to power our world. Towards the end of Phase Two, the Great Build, we will construct the Temples of Light upon Terra Nova that will serve as the great radiation centers or power plants to fuel our world and evolve our consciousness to the Universal level. Once the Temples of Light are complete, we will enter Phase Three of the Master Build of Terra Nova and the star nation of Terra Nova will be born.

Phase Three is the final stage of the Master Build of Terra Nova. The global and galactic civilizations on Terra Nova are joined into ONE star nation of Terra Nova. The Temples of Light are activated as the Great Radiation Centers on Terra Nova with one Great Architect for each temple. The Great Architects power massive sections of the Collective Diamond Sun Body and work with the High Councils of Light on Terra Nova to evolve the collective and build the Universal level of the blueprint. These beings are ascended from the tenth dimension to fully ascended Creators Incarnate and bring Universal Wisdom to the collective. We are becoming Cosmic Citizens and preparing to take over the planet as Earth seeds. During this phase, the collective consciousness will merge the Cities of Light on Terra Nova into ONE as bilocation and teleportation become realities on our planet. We will learn how to harness the Infinite Light of Creation through our Diamond Solar Heart as the Infinite Source fully embodied as a star nation. This means we will have infinite energy to create with as a star system. The Temples of Light will serve as power distribution plants for Pure Source Light throughout Terra Nova as well as ascension centers for new life on Terra Nova. We have embodied all twelve dimensions of this Universe and Pure Source Consciousness as a star nation. Our ascension is complete, the Master Build of Terra Nova is complete.

Once the star system of Terra Nova has completed its ascension, The Master Architect of Terra Nova who works with the Unified Council of Star Nations on behalf of Terra Nova will transition the role to a newly embodied Earth seed. By this time, all star seed Architects, and Builder council members have been superseded by Earth seeds and the entire Collective Diamond Sun Body and all collective realities are flourishing without star seed support. Terra Nova is a fully ascended star nation in our Universe and the newest member of the Unified Council of Star Nations, ready to Co-Create new life and the next genetic experiment of consciousness within our Universe. The inhabitants of Terra Nova will continue to evolve the outer garment until there is no physical matter remaining and Terra Nova exists in the etheric realms of this Universe as the physical planet explodes into a star.

On the following pages are a series of flow charts to Aid in Understanding the Master Build of Terra Nova through each phase.

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