The Eternal Now – Written Article with Heart Share Video

When the only desire that remains within the heart is to live, the eternal now reveals itself. It is seen and understood to be a singularity point within spacetime from which the reality of ONE flows and is experienced. This desire to live is not defined by the traditional definition of living. It is a […]

The Master Build, Light Communities, 2/22 Activation and More – Heart Share

In this heart share we discuss the 2/22/22 energies and physical manifestation of New Earth realities that we are stepping into as a completion to a ten year cycle that began in 2012. We also talk about the start of Phase 1 of the Master Build and the formation of Light communities around the planet. […]

Why We Have Missions, Roles and Purposes – Heart Share

In this heart share we discuss why we have missions, roles and purposes to fulfill during our life and/or ascension. Why they are important to the ascension journey and embodiment of higher states of consciousness up to Pure Source Consciousness as well as how our individual missions affect the collective ascension of Terra Nova. We […]

1-22-22 – Entirely New Collective Hologram goes Online

Radiant Expressions of Love, We are in the final hours of the collective shift to the frequencies of unity consciousness. As a collective, we have been in the void receiving the Light from The Event that took place on 12/20/21 to initiate the passageway of the collective shift. (read the code in the date forwards […]

We did it!

On 11:11 a.m. at the sixth dimensional grid section and Pacific Standard Time on 12-20-21, as a unified collective consciousness, we anchored the solar flash into the Collective Diamond Sun Body of Terra Nova. The significance of the time 11:11 corresponds to the Cosmic Code for ascension and the date containing 122 signifies the Cosmic […]

Divine Union of the Collective Soul – Activation of The Event

***Long post with a lot to cover and Light to share about The Event and Master Build of Terra Nova*** Blessings Every ONE, We have hit a major milestone in the collective ascension and Event gateway. The shift of the beings in the fourth dimension to the New Earth frequencies of the fifth dimension has […]

The Event – Recap and Final Update before the Collective Shift

Blessings Every ONE, In April we began sharing about The Event and provided a comprehensive explanation of what it is and how it affects the collective realities of this star system. On May 14th The Event gateway was opened/activated atop Mt. Shasta as the first of many stargates that would have to be opened during […]


From the Light I was birthed into the Universe I am a child of the Creator Out of the darkness I crawled towards the Light I am a Divine Child of the Creator Standing in the Light I remembered the truth I am a soul Journeying deeper into the Light my heart revealed more I […]

Equinox Collective Blueprint Activation – Istanbul

Blessings Every ONE, Our collective blueprinting journey during this Equinox stargate ( September 2021) passage is complete. Over the course of this gateway we activated the stargate in Rome and finished up with a full activation of the seventh dimensional collective stargate in Istanbul, Turkey. The journey in Istanbul is shared in the video above. […]

The Gates to Heaven are Open for All

Below is the audio commentary and photos from the attached video. I made this from Rome directly after completing the work and due to the time sensitive energy it contains I am sending it out with minimal editing as my schedule and energy permits. We have opened the gates to Heaven and eternal life from […]