Golden Race Global DNA Activation

Blessings Beloveds, Attached is a collective ascension update. I decided not to record an audio version of this article and have kept it brief for that reason. In lieu of recording the article, I have created a short Light encoded video of the Cosmic Stargate in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. This stargate is part of the […]

The Rise of the Divine Masculine through Divine Union

The Rise of the Divine Masculine through Divine Union The previous ascension cycle brought the rise of the Divine Feminine upon this planet. Through the work of mostly female embodiers (mostly, not all), the Divine Feminine energy upon our planet was brought into energetic balance once again. Thus we have experienced a large number of […]

The Arrival of Heaven on Earth and 2222 Gateways

2020 is the official arrival of Heaven on Earth. Heaven is the arrival of the Cosmic Energies into the Diamond Sun Body of the Collective Consciousness of Gaia. As we closed out 2019 the last of the crystalline grid structures were connected for full activation to begin in 2020. This occurred on 1212 as the […]

The Story of Terra Nova

This is the story of the star system known as Terra Nova. The star system also known as Earth is located in the Milky Way Galaxy of the 7th Great Central Sun within the Cosmic Diamond Sun Body of Creation. Millions of years ago, as the gaseous formations of this planet began to give way […]