The Fluid Nature of Time

We have written that time is more fluid than we perceive it to be. It is like waves flowing in the ocean, ebbing, and flowing together within the vastness of the water. When our consciousness is unified, we experience the ocean as one body of water. When we separate our consciousness into a dimension, we begin to experience waves as separate from the rest of the ocean. These waves can be short and fast waves or long and slow waves depending on the dimension we are experiencing. Once we separate our consciousness, we begin to surf the waves of filtered Light within our Universe which means we have entered a timeline.

Using the analogy of waves in the ocean, we can see how one wave is never really the only wave happening at one time. There are always waves flowing in and out of each other, overlapping, as one wave phases out and another wave comes in its place. This fluidity of water is identical to the fluidity of time. Because we have separated time so much in our human existence, we perceive time to be very static and to have beginnings and endings. We have a five-day work week that starts on Monday and ends on Friday. We have a year that begins in January and ends in December. We have a day that begins at midnight and ends at eleven fifty-nine. Every single part of our experience has been carved up to segments of time that separate us from the eternal flow of Light within our Universe.

These segments of time create a linear experience of time that makes time appear more static to our experience and less fluid. Therefore, we look for beginnings and endings inside an infinite flow of Light. This way of perceiving our reality is what keeps the veils on our consciousness and our realities bound by time. To understand the true nature of time, timelines and how consciousness evolves itself through time, we must be able to see the fluid nature of time as waves of Light flowing through our planetary Diamond Sun Body overlapping with the previous waves and flowing into the next set of waves to create a multilayered, multidimensional, holographic experience. The absolute truth of time is that it exists as one eternal now moment. Right here, right now, this moment, is all that exists. We do not separate time out into a dimension, we do not label it in any way, we simply allow the eternal flow of Light to move through our Diamond Sun Body to create the holographic reality before us without the need to quantify the experience or try to change it. If we take all four timelines of the Precession of the Equinox, we know we always have Light flowing onto our planet within all twelve dimensions of this Universe. When we are fully ascended and all stargates of our

Diamond Sun Body are open and online, we can allow the Light of all four timelines to move through our Light body as ONE, not as separate timelines. This then allows the absolute highest vibrational timeline to manifest for us as a logos. In this state of being, the only time that we experience is the eternal now and our reality unfolds for us in the now without a past or a future.

Here time is so fluid that it flows without separation which allows us to experience the shortest amount of time possible within the Universal Time Matrix, which is the eternal now. Remember from our previous teachings about the Universal Time Matrix, that to experience the hologram, we must enter time. No reality in manifestation, whether physical or etheric, can exist outside of time. When we move our consciousness to zero point, we exit the hologram, we exit time, and we sit as the Infinite Source within the Great Void, outside of manifestation. This means that we cannot interact with the hologram. We can only observe the hologram or sit in the void through what many call meditation.

Once consciousness separates from the Infinite Source, we begin to experience time differently. Depending on our dimensional awareness, we may even quantify time and separate it out into a more static way of viewing it, like we have in our human experience. Even though we have separated time out in our experience, viewing it in a more static nature, such as specific dates, beginnings, and endings, etc., Light is still moving through our Diamond Sun Bodies in a more fluid nature and time itself is still very fluid. We simply are not aware of it in this way. It is the fluidity of time that helps to bring stability to our hologram and allows the transition from one wave/timeline/reality to the next to be seamless to our consciousness. Without the fluid nature of time, our realities would shift abruptly and create chaos in our world. Remember that each wave carries a new set of Light codes that are going to be received by the planet and into the collective consciousness. These codes will then begin to work within the collective consciousness to create a new reality and embodiment of the Light contained within the wave. To have a seamless transition, we must gradually integrate and embody the Light to shift our consciousness to create a new reality. This is achieved through the wave properties of the timeline. Where we have a crescendo affect as the wave is received, the energy builds up to a point where we reach the maximum amount of Light contained in the wave, then it begins to wane in potency as we work to integrate the Light to create a new reality once we embody the Light contained in the wave. As this cycle is occurring, we are always using the embodied Light of the previous wave to help us integrate the Light contained within the new wave. This process keeps time flowing seamlessly and our realities transition organically without chaos.

To aid in understanding the fluid nature of time and how timelines flow seamlessly to evolve our collective consciousness. We are going to use the 2,150-year timeline of the Ages of Consciousness and show how it works with our annual ascension timeline to evolve the Collective Consciousness of Terra Nova. Our annual ascension timeline is divided into four “seasons” or phases of consciousness that we cycle through as star system each year. If we take the 2,150-year wave and divide it by four, we get 537.5 years. This means that it takes us 537.5 years to go through one of the four phases of consciousness. Using this information, let us look at the timeline below and go step by step through how an Age unfolds and illustrate the fluidity of time as we experience a Creation Wave or timeline.

In this example, we can see our annual ascension timeline labeled in black. We have the solar events labeled including the balance points of our timeline at the Vernal Equinox and the Autumn Equinox with the Vernal Equinox being zero point on our timeline each year. Zero point on our annual timeline is when the new timeline we have been manifesting since our embodiment of the previous timeline comes into physical manifestation. Think about the global pandemic that changed our world starting in March 2020 and we can see how the timeline containing the dark night of the collective soul came into physical manifestation in accordance with our new timeline in 2020.

Along the timeline in red, we have the four seasons or phases (new lessons, integration, embodiment, incubation) that our collective consciousness goes through each year as we traverse our annual ascension timeline. In truth, we go through these phases on every timeline we experience which is why we can overlay the 2,150-year timeline on it to see how we move through time seamlessly. From the Vernal Equinox we receive the new timeline which brings with it the new lessons we must learn. This shines Light on the old patterns we must release from our reality to accommodate the Light contained in the new timeline. If we make the conscious choice to accept the new Light and release the old patterns, we receive an upgrade to our Light body to be able to hold and sustain the new level of Light or integration around the June Solstice.

This is when we receive the most potent Light on our annual timeline. Following this Light initiation, we shift into the next phase of integration. We have received the new Light; we have made choices to support the new Light and now we must integrate this into our reality. In other words, it is time to walk the talk. We must dismantle the old and hold the new frequency of Light long enough to be able to embody it. This takes us to the Autumn equinox where our realities begin to balance out so that we can begin to shift into the embodiment phase. It is a more peaceful and reflective time as the dark days of winter and heartwarming holidays draw us closer to the Source in preparation for the Winter Solstice where we will receive the activation of the Light we have embodied throughout the year.

The lessons learned, the patterns released, the Light integrated and fully embodied. Just in time for Christ-Mas, we birth a new higher version of our collective self and are now ready for a new timeline. We move into the final phase of consciousness which is the incubation phase. It is the slowest time of the year, we are content from the embodiment phase, we do not have new lessons to learn yet and we are in Creator mode as our collective Light is incubating or manifesting the new timeline we will receive in March and the cycle repeats again. We can see in black that the first half of the timeline is a creation and expansion phase. While the second half is a dismantling and contraction phase. This allows us to expand into the new Light then contract back to dismantle old ways and come into the Source to birth a higher version of our self.

All these phases are taking place through our perception of time, yet we are unaware of the shifts until we awaken and become tuned into energy and our own Light bodies. From a time perspective, we can see how we shift from one phase to another without even realizing it. There is no beginning or ending, time just keeps flowing. Now let us shift to the Ages of 2,150 years to help illustrate this point further as we will need this understanding later. The Ages are split into phases on the timeline in red as 537.5-year intervals. Again, we are separating time out so that we can see how Diamond Sun Architecture works to evolve our consciousness and create our world. Each wave we receive carries a new understanding of consciousness, new lessons that must be learned and new shadow aspects to overcome. Particularly in the Ages, we will see how each wave dramatically changed the course of human history. For now, we want to illustrate how the energy of the previous Age is always affecting the embodiment of the new Age.

On the timeline above, we have used green to draw a dashed line down the center of the timeline to split it into two sections. The section on the left is the Creation phase and the section on the right is the dismantling phase. We are going to assume that we were in the Age of Capricorn prior to the timeline shown. Given this information, we can conclude that we have embodied the Light of the Age of Capricorn and are ready to move into the next 2,150-year Age of Sagittarius. This means that we receive our new timeline above on the Vernal Equinox in March which contains the attributes within the Sagittarius energy. However, we are still operating under the energy of Capricorn because we have not yet embodied the energy of Sagittarius. Therefore, the reality that manifests in March is going to align with the energy or attributes of Capricorn mixed with the new lessons of Sagittarius that we are to embody on this timeline. So, we can see that there is bleed through from one Age into the next as we work to embody the new level of consciousness (Light) with the consciousness of the previous timeline.

Using our timeline above to visually guide us through the phases of consciousness, we can see that from the Vernal Equinox when the stargate or Zodiac sign of Sagittarius first appears during the heliacal rising of the sun, we are in the new lessons and releasing of the old phase and Age for 537.5 years followed by the integration of the new age and dismantling of the old for another 537.5 years before we can begin to embody the energy of Sagittarius, the new Light of our timeline. What this means is that for the first 1075 years of the new timeline, we are still influenced by the energy of the previous timeline or Age, which in this example is the Age of Capricorn. This overlapping of Light from one timeline to the next is the fluidity of time. Meaning, we do not have a start and stop date of the energy from timelines. Consciousness does not say, “Its June 537.5 years since the Age of Sagittarius began, everything stops, and a new reality must start today.” This is a very static way of viewing time. It is like saying “it’s Monday and the weekend is over, and everything must stop and go back to 9 -5”, instead of waking each day and allowing it to unfold organically.

Yet, it is by using these linear, static, methods of viewing time, that we can see how time and Diamond Sun Architecture truly works. We say the Age of Capricorn began on this specific date and must end on this specific date. When in reality, it merges and flows from the previous Age into the next Age seamlessly affecting our collective realities. Fading in as it takes hold, then fading out as it releases the hold to allow the energy of the next timeline to flow in. In this way, time is always flowing without a beginning or an end. It is always more fluid even when we experience it as static or separate from the whole. It is only our perception of time that changes. It is this fluidity that allows life to flow, consciousness to evolve without the abrupt changes in our reality that would create chaos and would not be sustainable within the hologram. Therefore, we can never conclude that the energy of one Age begins on a certain date or time. Instead, we can use certain static dates as markers in time to help us see and identify patterns and shifts within the consciousness of Terra Nova. To put this in a relatable context, let us give an example. One might say, “I began to see the world more clearly in my thirties.” This, seeing the world more clearly, did not just happen in one day or in one moment in time. It was over a period of time that one began to see the world more clearly. However, at some point in time, something happened to cause us to begin to shift into seeing the world more clearly and at some point in time, we felt we saw the world more clearly. However, looking back we simply see this shift as occurring in our thirties. We do not remember the shift “seeing the world more clearly” as a separate event in time, we weren’t even aware of the wave or timeline that created the shift. It simply becomes part of our story that we began to see the world more clearly in our thirties. And not a specific event that we pinpoint in time but a gradual shift in our consciousness that took place in our thirties.

The point of the example is to show how seamless the transitions are within time. If we never separated time out, we would simply wake up each day and live whatever came at us, we would never look back over time and see the changes, because we only live in the now allowing reality to unfold brand new each day, like a child. However, we are waking up and are beginning our ascension back into this way of being. Which means we must begin to understand ourselves and how consciousness works, which includes understanding how our perception of time affects consciousness and collective realities on Terra Nova. It is the understanding of the fluidity of time and of how timelines create shifts in our collective consciousness that will enable us to better understand the Master Plan of Terra Nova. It is now time to remember when man fell into the bondage of time.

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