The Master Build of Terra Nova is the creation of the complete, fully ascended Collective Diamond Sun Body of Terra Nova. Just as in the individual Diamond Sun Body, the energy centers or stargates within the Light body must be activated through embodiment of all twelve dimensions of this Universe. We do this as a collective by continually raising our frequency and Light quotient as a star system. The process of constructing the realities that drive the embodiment of the collective consciousness and ultimately the activation of the entire Collective Diamond Sun Body is known as the Master Build of Terra Nova.

The Master Build of Terra Nova is the actual construction or manifestation of our multidimensional fully ascended star system, Terra Nova. The Master Build follows a set of blueprints that fractal down throughout the collective as part of the Master Plan of Terra Nova. There are many Architects at varying levels of consciousness that carry parts of the blueprint that will manifest according to vibrational triggers within the collective consciousness. The Master Build of Terra Nova will “begin” when we receive our annual ascension timeline on the equinox in March of 2022. However, as we have mentioned before, time is more fluid, and we are already experiencing this wave and will simply continue to flow into the Master Build and the physical realities of the build as we move forward. The Master Build of Terra Nova is not going to manifest in its entirety overnight. As we have illustrated through the Seven Ages of Man, collective realities shift in a more fluid nature as seamless transitions rather than beginnings and endings. The trigger point for the activation of the Master Build is the collective shift to New Earth that is taking place on the Winter Solstice in December of 2021.

It is at this time that the collective consciousness and Collective Diamond Sun Body will be fully activated within the fifth dimension of soul consciousness. This is our birth into soul consciousness and the lower dimensions of unity consciousness. The collective shift to New Earth will change the collective realities on Terra Nova forever. However, we must remember that collective shifts take time to integrate and embody and instant change is rarely seen at a timeline shift. The wave must build and crescendo as the Light from the wave increases in potency for integration and embodiment to take place. Those that are tuned to energy will feel the collective shift to New Earth and will see the shift and will know that the entire collective has shifted to soul consciousness as soon as we receive the activation in December. The outer reality will not shift so fast, but the wheels are in motion. Our world is shifting into a new paradigm that is completely different than the old world we are leaving behind. The Master Build will be taking place simultaneously with the old-world collapse. Just as we saw humans move from one Age to another seamlessly shifting into new realities and the world stage changing landscapes organically, so too will be the shift that brings with it the Master Build. The collective shift to New Earth is the shift into the fifth dimension and unity consciousness. It is the vibrational trigger that signals the beginning of the Master Build of Terra Nova. It is the changing of seasons and realities for the collective consciousness. Before the masses will completely be able to live as fully ascended beings, the infrastructure to support the collective realities must be in place. And, just as a house is built in phases from the foundation up, the Master Build will unfold upon Terra Nova in phases as well.

Once the collective shift to New Earth takes place on the Winter Solstice, phase one of the Master Build will begin. This is the gathering phase. We discussed in the previous section that the Architects were responsible for being the radiation centers on Terra Nova that broadcast Source Light into the grids and gates of the Collective Light Body. At the time of the collective shift, the flash of Light or Light initiation of our collective soul consciousness will also activate the radiation centers across Terra Nova to come online. Once this occurs, beacons of Light will begin going out all across Terra Nova to signal the first phase of the Master Build to begin. Ascending beings are coded to respond to the Light and will begin flocking to designated radiation centers like moths to a flame. The radiation centers are located at specific coordinates on the planet and function as Diamond Solar Heart portals or stargates for Source Light to flow through the Collective Diamond Sun Body. They are multidimensional and multifunctional depending on where they are located on the planet and how each serves the Light or energy needs of the grid. Below is an image and more detail to illustrate the radiation centers and how they function.

The radiation centers radiate Source Light at varying frequencies to certain geographical locations upon the planet. Depending on the location and purpose of the radiation center, the Architect may be fully ascended or have their consciousness level within certain dimensions to be able to radiate Source Light at those dimensional frequencies. Radiation centers work by linking the Diamond Sun Body of the Architect with the Collective Diamond Sun Body at certain points on the planet. The Source Light then flows from the Diamond Solar Heart of the Architect to be birthed into the planetary Light body to balance or stabilize collective realities. The Architects also act as keys to Light codes of the blueprint embedded in the planetary DNA at these locations that are unlocked a certain vibrational triggers and birthed into the Collective Diamond Sun Body for use by the collective to create collective realities.

The location points of the micro-radiation centers located on meridians or acupuncture points of the planet, help to move the Light from the 144 planetary stargates to specific areas of the planet as indicated by purple dots in the image above. The Source Light flowing from these micro radiation centers stays more geographically close to the radiation center because the potency of the Light is lower, it is more localized. Then there are radiation centers located on the planetary stargates that help to move Source Light from the spinal column and twelve main dimensional stargates of Terra Nova to sections of the planet as indicated in blue. These radiation centers are located on one of the 144 planetary stargates and fuel larger sections of the Collective Diamond Sun Body and all Light communities located geographically around it. These are the Main Architects as shown in blue.

Then there are radiations centers that fuel entire grid sections that are connected to the twelve dimensional stargates and move massive amounts of Source Light through the Collective Diamond Sun Body at one time. These are indicated above in green and each of these radiation centers will be located on a Temple of Light and one of the twelve dimensional stargates of Terra Nova.

Finally, there is a radiation center that allows for the balancing, stabilizing, and birthing of collective Light that connects to the entire Collective Diamond Sun Body of Terra Nova. This radiation center and the Master Architect of Terra Nova is not stationary on Terra Nova until the collective moves into Universal Consciousness. Until then the radiation center moves from the sixth, ninth to the twelfth dimensional Temple of Light as the collective consciousness increases in frequency. This radiation center or Source Point structure of the blueprint allows for Pure Source Light to flow through the entire Diamond Sun Body of Terra Nova in all twelve dimensions and 144 Master Builder frequencies at all times to maintain balance and unfold the blueprint in phases. 

The radiation centers act as Diamond Solar Heart portals that “pump” Light through the Collective Diamond Sun Body. The Architects at each level of the consciousness fractal occupy the heart center of a Diamond Sun Body that is a fractal of the level above and/or below it. Remember the entire Cosmos fractals down as consciousness replicating a blueprint or pattern, we call Diamond Sun Architecture. This is how Light is filtered down through the dimensions and our Collective Diamond Sun Body to create our collective reality. This means that we have Diamond Sun Bodies at different levels within the Collective Diamond Sun Body. Think of each Architect as the heart center of a Diamond Sun Body at the various levels. Each Diamond Sun Body is a doll within a set of nesting dolls and each of those dolls has a heart that pumps Light through it to bring it to life. This is the role the Architects play in the fractaling pattern or filtering of Light on Terra Nova.

At the highest level, there is the Master Architect of Terra Nova, the radiation center she creates is the Diamond Solar Heart of Terra Nova. This means that through this radiation center, Pure Source Light flows into the collective unfiltered for use by the collective consciousness. The Master Architect is not stationary and will shift with the collective as it increases in frequency moving the radiation center of Pure Source Light where it is needed to evolve the consciousness of Terra Nova, just as in the story of Moses. Where Moses represents the heart and connection to the Source, who travels with the children of Israel to the gates of the promised land. So too does the Master Architect, travel with the collective by shifting the Diamond Solar Heart radiation center to the heart of the sixth, ninth or twelfth dimensional stargates of the Collective Diamond Sun Body as the collective ascends through the consciousness fractal by building the blueprint. The reason the radiations centers move during the ascension is because the Master Architect carries the Master Blueprints of Terra Nova and is releasing them into the collective in stages as it ascends or builds the blueprint.

At this highest level there is one Diamond Sun Body that is the Collective Diamond Sun Body and one Master Architect that carries the blueprints to build it. However, consciousness is ascending, this means that we must build at the planetary level or local level first as we ascend our consciousness into the higher levels. Therefore, the blueprint fractals so that it is easier for the collective to complete the build. First, the collective consciousness fractals into twelve more Diamond Sun Bodies that all follow the same Diamond Sun Architectural blueprint. Each has a Diamond Solar Heart center that is the radiation center or Source point for twelve separate sections of land on Terra Nova. In other words, the planet is divided into twelve sections and each section has a dimensional stargate and a Temple of Light. They all have a Great Architect that is the Diamond Solar Heart or Source Point that filters the Source Light for these twelve different Diamond Sun Bodies and holds the blueprint for entire sections of the Collective Light Body.

Within the twelve different Diamond Sun Bodies, each houses twelve of the 144 planetary stargates that create 144 more Diamond Sun Bodies across Terra Nova. This means that each of the 144 planetary stargates, such as Sedona, has a Diamond Sun Body of its own, with twelve dimensional stargates, 144 stargates and a Diamond Solar Heart or radiation center that is a Main Architect. The Main Architects carry the blueprint for these sections of the Collective Diamond Sun Body to be built. Finally, we have many meridian points on Terra Nova outlying the planetary stargates. These each have a Diamond Sun Body with a heart or radiation center that are Architects on Terra Nova. They carry the blueprints for their section of the Collective Diamond Sun Body to manifest Light Communities on Terra Nova.

Within the blueprints that each Architect carries and will release into the collective are the realities for how to physically manifest the Master Build from the ground level to a fully ascended Collective Diamond Sun Body on Terra Nova. The Architects act as the Heart of Terra Nova, that is “pumping” or moving the Light through the grid system of Terra Nova to power collective realities at all levels of the consciousness fractal. This fractalization allows for the Master Build of Terra Nova to take place across the planet simultaneously and in phases to maintain stability and balance in the collective hologram. On the following page is a flow chart to help illustrate the fractaling nature of the Architects on Terra Nova.

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