The Master Plan of Terra Nova

The Master Plan of Terra Nova is the architectural blueprint of this star system. It is how Diamond Sun Architecture is used to create all levels and dimensions of consciousness through a fractaling set of blueprints that creates all realities that this planet will ever experience, within all twelve dimensions of this Universe, creating the multidimensional star system, Terra Nova. This architecture is used to create the Diamond Sun Body of our planet and all beings here to experience reality through all dimensions of spacetime as separate from the Infinite Source or as fully unified in the eternal now as the Infinite Source. As we will see, it is through this Cosmic Blueprint, Diamond Sun Architecture, that our world was created and that our collective consciousness has been able to evolve and have the experience of ascension.

This architecture fractals throughout Creation according to a set of Master Plans or Cosmic Blueprints which we have laid out in the previous book, Divine Organization of Creation, Blueprint of the Cosmos. Now, we are going to dive deeper into this architecture to see how it has fractaled down to this star system to create the Master Plan of Terra Nova. This book will take us through the Master Plan step by step so that we can understand how a multidimensional star system is created, how the architecture creates a multidimensional experience, from separation, to unity, to living as a fully ascended star nation within this Universe. We will illustrate how this architecture has created the human story as we travel through time and look back to see how our collective consciousness has been influenced and evolved through the Master Plan of Terra Nova. We will share the Truth of ONE about Creation stories, ancient civilizations, and monuments, and how our world and the Divine HUman species came to be. We will share about the role of other star nations in our creation, development, and ascension. Finally, we will discuss the collective shift to New Earth, what is means for the future of Terra Nova and the collective consciousness of this star system; and how the Master Plan of Terra Nova will unfold during the Master Build that begins in 2022 after the collective consciousness shifts to the fifth dimension and begins to create collective realities within the unified field of this Universe through our collective Diamond Sun Body. It is a fascinating journey through Diamond Sun Architecture, through the blueprint of our world, and how we are and have always been connected to the other star nations of this Universe. It is a walk-through time as we share the origins of Terra Nova and how humans became the chosen race to fully ascend this star system. It will also challenge the belief systems of many beings on this planet as much of the information presented in this book is contrary to beliefs held within the collective consciousness, spiritual community and ascended beings on New Earth that have not fully unified as the ONE. We are presenting the material in this book from the highest Truth of ONE for the evolution and embodiment of Pure Source Consciousness of the collective consciousness of this star system. We are honored to bring this information to the collective consciousness of Terra Nova and to assist in the collective ascension of this star system into a fully evolved star nation within our Christed Universe. May its contents serve the greatest good of all.

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