The Seven Ages of Man

The Seven Ages of Man represent man’s journey through time within the lower dimensions of consciousness in the Universal Time Matrix. Prior to our descent into time, the Ages simply flowed as part of the ONE flow of Light moving through the Diamond Sun Body of Terra Nova. Once our consciousness was ready to begin to awaken to the I AM, or become aware of itself as a self, humans descended into time and separation of the flow of Light. This descent moved our consciousness into the slowest and longest timeline of the blueprint for this star system which are the 2,150-year Ages. This separation occurred approximately 13,500 years ago as the planet began to warm, and the ice began to recede from the last glacial period. Within the Precession of the Equinoxes, we were coming out of the stargate and energies of Virgo and beginning to shift into the energies of the stargate Leo. Again, we can see how the virgin mother story has manifested in our collective story as we descended from Virgo or the virgin, a feminine stargate into the fiery masculine energies of the Age of Leo.

Our descension or birth into the world and into the dimensions of time did not occur in one moment but was a more gradual shift of our consciousness as we became aware of our human self. Due to the fluid nature of time, we would still experience the energies of Virgo well into the Age of Leo timeline. To show this overlapping of energies, we will share the four phases of each age and how each phase was affected by the various stargates. This will help us to see how the Ages shift our collective consciousness and when these major shifts occurred within our human history. The story of man can be broken into three different time periods, Prehistoric, Ancient, and Modern History. There are many cultures and civilizations that have existed and evolved throughout the history of man, each expressing and manifesting the Source Light of each Age or Ray of Creation slightly different. It is not within the scope of this work to share every detail or event that has ever taken place on Terra Nova. Instead, this work is to help illustrate how Diamond Sun Architecture manifests the Master Plan of Terra Nova within the collective consciousness by sharing the evolution and shifts of consciousness that have occurred on our planet using a broad spectrum of details from human history. This approach will help the reader to see the blueprint within all stories on Terra Nova. The attributes of the Creator or Rays of Creation flowing through the Solar Diamond Sun Body are referred to by the names of the Western Zodiac as these are most familiar to the masses.

The Seven Ages of Man began in prehistoric times. This means that there are no written accounts of history or records from which to derive a historical record. Carbon dating, DNA sequencing, archeology and paleontology have done a fantastic job of recreating prehistoric human times. These times are known as the Stone Age with most of our collective human development occurring within the Neolithic period beginning around 10,200 BC. The planet was covered with sparse amounts of humans developing separately within the same timelines and energy.

As we began to gather in numbers, pockets of humans began to create civilizations together, greatly affecting the collective consciousness of Terra Nova. There were also pockets of smaller human groups that maintained a connection of unity which helped to create balance on our planet as the collective consciousness and collective ego evolved. Many of these tribes or groups are referred to as indigenous peoples and still maintain a connection to Gaia and the Infinite Source. The Seven Ages of Man is a journey through human history, or the life of the human from an infant up to what we will come to see is our final death as mankind. It is the evolution of the collective ego and the exploration and expression of consciousness through our human DNA. It is our story through the lower dimensions of this Universe, and it began in the Age of Leo. 

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