The Twelve Great Central Suns

Divine Architecture or Diamond Sun Architecture is the design, pattern or energetic structure that is the Cosmic Blueprint for all of Creation. When we can understand this design we can truly begin to understand ourselves, how and why we exist, how our realities work and how we are a part of and exist on every layer of Creation. We have previously begun to explain this architecture by writing about The Divine Organization as an energetic structure and also by writing about the Diamond Sun Body. These articles have been introductions to each subject to give the reader a basic understanding of Diamond Sun Architecture. Now, we are going to introduce another layer of knowledge to assist in further explaining how this architecture works. This article will address the 12 Great Central Suns of Creation. What they are and how they work. It will also discuss the Great Cosmic Sun of Creation and how all are connected.


To understand what a Great Central Sun is we need to understand a few basic concepts. The first being the basic structure of a galaxy. At the center of every galaxy is a super massive black hole surrounded by all the light that makes up the entire galaxy. Keep this simplified imagery in mind as we move further into the explanation. Now let’s talk about space and planes of existence. Since we now live on a multidimensional earth, it is easier for us to understand how we can exist in the same “space” in multiple dimensions at one time. For example, one may be vibrating in the 5th dimension and riding a bus sitting next to someone vibrating in the 3rd dimension. Both exist in the same space, yet they are experiencing very different realities within the same plane of existence. Finally, remember that there are twelve dimensions of Creation and 144 frequencies. Now armed with this basic understanding, let’s continue.


A Great Central Sun in it’s most basic definition is, the entire Light Body of one of the twelve dimensions of Creation. This means that all the Light within the 1st dimension makes up the Light of the 1st Great Central Sun of Creation. All the Light in the 2nd, the 2nd, the 3rd the 3rd and so on up to the 12th dimension that makes up the 12th Great Central Sun of Creation. Each Great Central Sun vibrates at a particular set of twelve frequency bandwidths that govern the holographic realities of that dimension. All Light within Creation vibrating at those frequencies makes up the totality of that Great Central Sun. The Light of all twelve Great Central Suns make up the totality of all Light within Creation, vibrating at all 144 frequencies of the Cosmos, making up the Great Cosmic Sun.


The Great Cosmic Sun and the twelve Great Central Suns are not something outside of ourselves. We exist or make up the bodies of these suns along with countless other souls throughout Creation. We always exist within the Great Cosmic Sun because all Light of the Cosmos exists within it. However, we can exist within one or more of the Great Central Suns depending on the vibration of our Light Body and the templates we have created within to be able to experience the varying frequencies of Creation. There are 144 templates to the Diamond Sun Body. These templates are versions of our Light Body that allow us to project or experience Light at any of the 144 frequencies or twelve dimensions. For example, if I build the 1st-12th templates of my Diamond Sun Body (Light Body), I can now experience consciousness or Light within the frequency bandwidths of the First Great Central Sun. I now exist as part of the Light Body of the First Great Central Sun. I am it, a part of it, one with it. I also create a stargate that allows me to begin to create the templates for the Second dimension and I can begin to experience the frequency bandwidths or Light of the Second Great Central Sun. This is a basic example of how we construct our Diamond Sun Body. It is technically more quantum in nature. Meaning we are constructing or working to master frequencies in varying dimensions at once.


The Great Central Suns work likes the templates in your body, because all of the Cosmos works on Diamond Sun Architecture. Each bandwidth within a Great Central Sun represents one of 144 Light Bodies of the Great Cosmic Light Body. The twelve bandwidths of each Great Central Sun represent the totality of the Light or Light Body of each dimension or Great Central Sun. Just how we have one body vibrating in multiple dimensions, so does the Cosmos. It is one Cosmos, one body, that exists in 144 different frequencies or bandwidths, creating twelve dimensions that simultaneously exists in one space or plane of existence. There is ONE infinite Source of Light that supplies all dimensions with the Light or energy to create and expand itself. This is done through the black hole center or Diamond Solar Heart center of each Great Central Sun or Central Sun within Creation.


Remember the image of the galaxy from above. It was illustrated that at the center of every galaxy was a super massive black hole. This super massive black hole center is at the heart of each of the twelve Great Central Suns of the Cosmic Diamond Sun Body and every Central Sun within Creation. The twelve Great Central Suns represent the twelve master galaxies of Creation. These master galaxies are also what we call dimensions. Existing within the same space, vibrating at varying frequencies, all with a super massive black hole center that is it’s very own portal to Source. The ONE Source that is the Source of all Light within Creation. This is the same as your own Diamond Sun Body. When your Diamond Sun Body becomes fully activated, your Diamond Solar Heart Center also become a portal to Source. These portals are a stargate to the infinite eternal Light or energy supply that comes directly from Source.


From nothing comes everything. It is the void, the infinite space of nothingness that is the Source of all that is. It is from this place that Light flows forth into Creation. This Diamond Solar Heart Center, the black hole that lies at the center of each of the twelve Great Central Suns and every Central Sun of Creation is the gateway to Source. It is how Source or Consciousness expands itself and fuels it’s creation. It is the portal that allows for an infinite supply of Light into any Great Central Sun or Central Sun at any time.


The Diamond Solar Heart portal is located within the sixth dimensional soul level of consciousness. It is on a soul level that we are connected to the Source via the heart. It is on a soul level that our Light is coded for all realities within all dimensions. The heart is the center of our Universe or the Universe of any logos. It is also when we awaken to our soul that we first remember who we are, Source, Pure Consciousness. This is when we awaken to our own hearts. It is through this awakening and the full construction of our Diamond Sun Body across all twelve dimensions that our Diamond Solar Heart can be fully activated via a solar flash and our heart portal to Source opens eternally.


It is through this Diamond Solar Heart portal at the center of all twelve Great Central Suns that we can experience the Light of each dimension. It is also from the heart, the Diamond Solar Heart Center of the Great Cosmic Sun, that all Light in Creation is birthed. Every Diamond Solar Heart portal in Creation from the Great Cosmic Sun, to the twelve Great Central Suns to every activated Central Sun in Creation leads to the same place, the same void, the same nothingness that is the ONE Pure Source of Light in existence. It is from this Source that all Light in the Cosmos flows. It is from this infinite well spring of Light (energy) that the Cosmos is infinitely expanding itself. This occurs on every layer from the Great Cosmic Sun Body, to the twelve Great Central Sun Light Bodies to the infinite Central Suns throughout Creation. It is through this portal that we become Creators with infinite energy or Light to create our own Universe.


To recap, here is  a breakdown to aid in understanding this material.



Great Cosmic Sun =


All Light within Creation


One Massive Light Body that is Creation itself

12 Great Central Suns make up the 12 master galaxies that are it’s Light Body.


12 Great Central Suns =


12 Dimensions or 12 Master Galaxies


12 Light Bodies (1 for each dimension) 


Each Light Body represents all Light within a particular dimension. (Meaning all Light vibrating within the frequency bandwidths of that Great Central Sun)


Central Sun


Infinite Number in Creation

Every fully activated Diamond Sun Body and Diamond Solar Heart of all logos is a Central Sun

Each stargate in the Diamond Sun Body of a Central Sun leads to one of the Great Central Suns or dimensions


*All the above exists as one or separate depending on the consciousness experience or evolution of a particular logos (soul)


*All dimensions or Great Central Suns exists within the same space or plane of existence. They are just Light vibrating at varying frequencies within that plane.


*All Diamond Solar Hearts or heart portals lead to the same Source no matter the size of the logos. Galactic Center or HUman heart portal …all the same…all lead to same place…Infinite Source of all.


This is a basic explanation and breakdown of how the 12 Great Central Suns of Creation work and the part they play in the Divine Architecture of the Cosmos. It is all about Light and the frequency of Light used to create the holographic realities of any logos in Creation. This architecture is fractaled throughout all dimensions of the Cosmos. What we are doing with our ascension is constructing this Diamond Sun Architecture within our physical vessels as a logos so that we can experience realities in multiple dimensions up to the twelfth dimension through our HUman Light Body. This is done through the construction of our Diamond Sun Bodies via our own soul’s evolution. This architecture is also being constructed within all layers of the consciousness fractal on our planet from soul pairs to soul groups to the entire Collective Consciousness of Gaia.

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