In a previous article, we discussed how Creation Waves are created and emanated from a logos. These waves carry the photons of Light that are coded to create the holographic realities that vibrationally align with them. These holographic realities manifest on what we will call a timeline. Timelines are the actual realities that exist within the Universal Time Matrix that we experience as a logos. In other words, when we emanate a Creation Wave as the Source, not just a Pure Source, but as the Source within any dimension, the wave will align itself within a set of frequency bandwidths that house the holographic reality that corresponds to the coordinates or codes within the photons of Light housed in our wave. Depending on the construction of our Diamond Sun Body, the realities available to us are able to manifest within certain dimensions of space within the quantum field. To assist with a thorough understanding of this concept, we will go into great detail about our planet and how our collective consciousness is affected by the collective timeline that we currently traverse. Then we will circle back around and go into more detail about how timelines work throughout Creation.

We mentioned before that gravity or time is experienced by a logos through its orbit around the Source. This orbit affects how consciousness evolves and experiences time, realities, and the dimensional experience of the logos. Today we are going to focus on the Collective Consciousness of Gaia as our example of how this works. To understand this, we must first understand how we as a collective consciousness experience time and/or dimensional awareness on our planet. Our planet orbits the sun, Solaris, as the Source of all life on this planet. It is the Light of our sun that ultimately created life on this planet and through ascension we wake up to realize and appreciate this. However, this comes with dimensional awareness which we will discuss as well and with understanding how time is experienced by the collective.

For many years’ humans used the sun to calculate time on our planet. This is illustrated through the use of sundials found around the planet. However, along the way we decided that this method of timekeeping would not provide a uniform time system on our planet because of the earth’s variable orbit on its on axis as well as around our sun. This causes time to change slightly every day and thus making a uniform time system impossible. This is why the Gregorian calendar was created and why we use a universal time method, which happens to not be Universal (Cosmic) at all. We are all familiar with how clocks and calendars work to create Man’s Time. Now let us look at Soular Time. This is the time that it takes our planet to orbit our sun, the Source, and it is this time that affects our gravitational field or position as a planet within the Universal Time Matrix and our collective ascension timeline.

Soular Time is based on the Earth’s 365.242181 day orbit around Solaris. This is because the time it takes our Earth to make a complete rotation around its axis changes slightly day to day. It is these variables that man overcame by creating the Gregorian calendar and time keeping system. The system that uses mathematical calculations to adjust for these variances using what we know as leap years. However, this system also cut us off from the true Soular Time of our Solar System and the soul of our Collective Consciousness. These have also affected our true understanding of the Solstice and Equinox points that affect our planetary consciousness each year. If you recall, we said that as a logos gets close to the Source, time begins to slow down. This is the point in which the consciousness of the logos has contracted back into the Source. In Soular Time, this is experienced annually on what we call the Perihelion.

It is on this day that the Earth is closest to the sun annually. This is the point where we have contracted back into the Source. This day occurs annually about two weeks after the December Solstice point. This is why we experience time slowing down around the December Solstice through the New Year because we are closest to the Source. We can see this reflected in our collective consciousness because much of the world is on holiday or pause during this time. It is annually when time is at its slowest and we are able to stop and go within to reevaluate our lives and prepare to move into a new timeline each January. We are also receiving the new Light that will help to create the new timeline we receive to create the same vibrational or higher vibrational realities. This is when our consciousness will once again begin to expand and embody our new Light, new reality or timeline. Which will peak on the June Solstice when our planet is receiving the most solar radiation or Light each year.

This takes us to the Aphelion point that we reach each year on our orbit around Solaris. This is the day that the Earth is the farthest from our sun. It occurs about two weeks after the June Solstice each year. And this marks the turning point at which we begin our descent or contraction back to the Source. We have embodied all the Light we were able to on our current timeline and we begin the task of dismantling the things in our reality that we are going to change in the next Soular cycle. Time runs its fastest during this period during late June into early July as we approach the fastest day on Aphelion. Again, this has to do with our distance from the Source (our sun) on our collective timeline which affects the gravitational force we experience from our sun. Which affects how we experience time within the Universal Time Matrix known as the Cosmic Diamond Sun Body.

Below is an illustration that shows our Collective Ascension Timeline which is our annual orbit around the sun as well as the different components that are being discussed in this article.

Perihelion and Aphelion are turning points that the Solstice Gateways are moving our consciousness through. They affect the vibrational experience of our realities due to the gravitational force or time distortions that are experienced due to the distance of our collective consciousness from the Source of our collective timeline or reality. In between these gateways during both the expansion point and the contraction point of our timeline we have the Equinoxes. These dates are not really equal in daylight and dark for the entire planet at the same time due to varying latitudes on the planet. However, they are gateway periods much like the Solstices that help us to begin balancing the new frequencies we received on our new timeline (Spring Equinox) or come into balance after releasing frequencies that no longer serve us (Autumn Equinox). These are simply gateways along the soular timeline that allow us to embody or release energy to help bring balance to our collective Light Body and ultimately to change our reality or timeline.

The collective timeline illustrated above is what we call the Collective Ascension Timeline or our Collective Soular Timeline. This is the timeline that when experienced by the Collective Consciousness of Gaia will lead us to full embodiment of our Soular Consciousness which is the fourth, fifth and sixth dimensions. It is the timeline that we as a collective merged onto last year when we merged with the organic stargate and grid structure of Gaia and the Cosmos known as our Diamond Sun Body. This means that we are now on track and online with the Cosmic Blueprint and our organic ascension timeline. This timeline is directly related to our Sun as the source and will take our collective consciousness through the sixth dimension. Once we are ready to ascend past this dimension collectively, we will transcend the gravitational field of our Sun and will align with the Galactic timeline and Galactic Center as our Source. We will also have fully embodied the Light of our soul as a collective and therefore will no longer need the Light of Solaris to assist us in evolving or creating. When we align with our galactic timeline, we will be embodying Oversoul or Galactic Consciousness within the seventh, eighth and ninth dimensions. When this is complete, we will have embodied the Light of our galactic self or Oversoul and will transcend the need to use the Light of our galaxy to evolve or create. We will also transcend the gravitational field of the galaxy and ascend to the Universal timeline. Here, the Infinite Source, the ONE, will become the Source that we orbit and ultimately become. Here we will embody God Consciousness or Pure Source Consciousness within the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth dimensions of our Universal Time Matrix until we as a collective transcend time and can sit in zero point as the Infinite Source. In these dimensions we create and experience our reality as the Source and generator of all Light in Creation. These are within the evolutionarily plan for our collective consciousness as we become The Divine Organization of Terra Nova. However, in this now, we are working within the ascension timeline of our Soular consciousness which is tied to our orbit around our sun and taking us toward unity consciousness.

Let us talk about how we got here so we can better understand where we are going. To do this we need to discuss the previous timelines of third and fourth dimension. As a collective we have been running the third dimensional realities for many years. These timelines are more connected with Man’s Time and our collective Light Body orbiting around our collective ego as the Source. Consequently, we have been running a dualistic collective reality and much separation has been experienced by us collectively. This has also contributed to the man versus nature and primarily masculine dominated energy on our planet. These were inorganic timelines that we experienced such as slavery, war, and the mismanagement of our sexual energy amongst many other things. These served to evolve our consciousness and as part of the Divine Plan so let us stay neutral to them. Simply understand that our collective consciousness orbited our own collective ego as the Source of our realities and thus we created realities that were not in harmony with the rest of Creation.

Which brings us to our moon, which represents the feminine energy. The moon orbits the earth creating a gravitational field that we experience here on Earth. When we connect to the moon we are tuning into the feminine energy of our collective soul. As we move away from the gravitational field of our ego, we begin to feel the gravitational field of our moon. Time begins to shift for us, and we may begin to connect with the moon and moon cycles that help to cultivate our feminine side that was lacking in the third dimension. We are opening ourselves up to the fourth dimension of consciousness. However, we are still in duality as the moon represents the feminine energy of the polarized third and fourth dimensions. Whereas the sun represents a balanced energy or unity consciousness that is both the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine in balance. As a collective, we have been tuning into the feminine energy more and more. Many worked to bring the Divine Feminine back to our planet in the previous seven-year ascension cycle. This helped to begin restoring energetic balance to the collective consciousness and has facilitated the move of the collective consciousness to the organic ascension timeline that we are currently on. This allowed our collective consciousness to transcend the dualistic frequencies and prepared us to return to our true balanced soul energies. The trinitized and balanced Light that comes from our sun as the true Source. We can see how the moon’s orbit played a role in creating duality on our planet for our consciousness to discover the feminine energy via the fourth dimension that was absent in the primarily masculine energy of the third dimension. This has also created the very polarized world that we are currently experiencing.

Again, part of the Divine Plan and this will begin to balance out in the next few years as we have shifted back to our organic ascension timeline that is directly connected to our orbit around Solaris. Which means that we are aligning our consciousness with soular time once more. The Light of our sun is continually emitting plasma Light that speaks to our DNA and since we collectively are tuned into this timeline now, we will begin to see the evolution of the collective consciousness begin to increase. This is because we are using trinitzed Source Light to create and evolve with instead of recycling energy to create realities in the third dimension. This will allow the Collective Consciousness of Gaia to fully embody the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies of our collective soul so that we can fully embody soular consciousness as a collective and continue our ascension journey into the higher dimensions and higher timelines.

We have illustrated how a logos’ orbit around the Source creates the timeline or realities that it experiences. We have broken down in detail how the Collective Ascension Timeline for our Collective Soular Consciousness is created and experienced each year. This is now the only timeline that the Collective Consciousness of Gaia is experiencing. The remaining inorganic third dimensional timelines on our planet will continue to dismantle and fall away as we continue to evolve our collective consciousness. These inorganic timelines will no longer affect the collective realities as they cannot affect the higher dimensions. Therefore, simply allowing them to dissolve with ease and grace and compassion is the best way to stay heart centered. Let us now continue to discuss how timelines are created and experienced as part of building on our knowledge of how Light is organized within a logos to create holographic realities within spacetime. This is what The Divine Organization is at any layer of Creation, simply the organization of Light of a logos that creates holographic realities within spacetime. Timelines are simply the current reality a logos is experiencing within a particular gravitational field or time located within a time matrix within space.

Currently, our collective logos is experiencing time on the collective ascension timeline for our soular consciousness to evolve. This timeline like all others is related to our collective consciousness or collective Light Body orbiting our sun, the Source of our collective soul realities. What this means is that as a collective soul, our realities within the fourth, fifth and sixth dimension are directly related to our orbit around the sun because it is within this gravitational field that these dimensional realties exist within Cosmic Diamond Sun Body. Therefore, we will continue to experience soular time until we transcend the sixth dimension as a collective consciousness, when we fully embody our collective soul. This means that the Light received from our sun will continue to evolve our consciousness and thus affect our collective realities.

The sun, Solaris, is the Diamond Solar Heart Center of this solar system. It is the Source or heart portal that emanates Creation Waves into this solar system to create holographic realties here. Our consciousness as individual souls and as a collective soul are directly affected by the soular Light we receive from our sun until we ourselves fully embody the Light of our soul or collective soul. When we tune into our sun as the Source, meaning when we tune into Soular Time and not Man’s Time, we begin to receive the Light or codes from our sun that affect our DNA and evolution. This affects both our physical and our consciousness evolution as a soul in a physical body or our planets physical evolution as well as the collective consciousness evolution of our planet. We are both an individual soul and a part of the collective soul. Therefore, even when we ascend as an individual, we still play a role in the collective ascension and evolution.

Now, let’s dive deeper into how a timeline works. We will continue to use the collective ascension timeline as our example. However, know that this can be applied to your individual journey and timelines experienced. As a collective we know that we are now operating on the organic collective ascension timeline. We are operating within the frequencies of the fourth dimension and are working to embody unity consciousness. We have moved into working with soular time in regard to our collective realties as we work to embody the Light of our soul or Soular Consciousness. This means that our collective timeline is created and affected by our orbit around our sun. We detailed this above but for a reminder, we are closer to the Source, our sun, around the December Solstice and two weeks afterward and we are farthest from the Source, our Sun, around the June Solstice and two weeks afterward. It is these two gateways that primarily affect the collective timelines the most.


Annually in December, we enter a period where time begins to slow down. We have experienced our timeline and are coming to the end to return to the Source. During this time, we tend to go offline, reflect, spend more time in our hearts and sort of evaluate our lives. This can be a conscious process or an unconscious one depending on our journey. Think Christmas time, year-end holidays, we tend to be more loving with ourselves and each other. Many people take time off work, vacations, family time, rest time, etc. We may make New Year resolutions or decisions for the upcoming year. These are sort of the unconscious effects of returning to the Source. When we become conscious, we know what is happening with timelines, realities, gateways, etc. we may take this time to go offline and be alone. To open ourselves to receive the new level of Light that is coming through for us. This is all in preparation for the new timelines that are waiting for us in January.

Energetically what is happening, is that we have retracted back into the Source, the void. Here we shed all Light or energy that we no longer need, and we prepare ourselves to receive a new set of Light codes that will evolve our collective consciousness and help to create our new realities or new timelines. As a collective consciousness, we receive a new level or frequency of Light which means new codes. These codes are integrated into the collective Light Body and then begin to speak to the quantum field. They tell the quanta and atoms how to rearrange themselves to call forth a particular timeline within spacetime. Because we are working with soular consciousness as a collective, we are only able to call forth collective timelines within these dimensions. Based on the frequency of the Light we receive and the overall vibration of the collective Light Body, our timeline will manifest for us as a collective within spacetime. The point in space in which the reality manifest is based on the location of our physical vessel or planet within space. The time or dimension within space that the reality manifest within is based on the overall frequency of our Light Body, which currently resides in soular consciousness. Therefore, currently, we are experiencing realities or timelines within the space of our solar system and within the fourth dimension of consciousness collectively.

Remember, these are only collective realities or timelines. Individually, many are experiencing higher dimensions and timelines here on Gaia. So, in December, we have retracted back into the Source and are preparing to receive new Light to birth new realities or timelines. Our collective timeline runs 365.242181 days and begins on Perihelion that occurs in January. This is when our Light Body begins to speak to the quantum field to vibrationally align our reality or timeline with our new Light or codes. Now we have called forth a new timeline as a collective. We can repeat vibrational timelines with new realities in the same vibration or we can increase in frequency and level up our Light to increase our overall frequency as a logos or collective consciousness and receive a higher vibrational timeline. Since we are on the ascension timeline, we will be leveling up from here on out and continually increasing our frequency and evolution as a logos. January brings us a powerful period of new Light. We have leveled up our Light and the new higher vibrational timeline is beginning to manifest for us as a collective. Now we must begin to create with this new Light, the next, higher version of our collective self.

From January to June, we are creating our new collective reality in the new Light. Constructing a holographic reality that aligns with the codes or Light we embodied in December and January. If we are running soular consciousness we will see this in our own life stream as well. We come to spring and the seeds of our reality have begun to blossom. Meaning physical manifestations of our new timeline are here. Now we must learn to balance this new energy and thus we experience the Spring Equinox as a point where the new energies have manifested and now, we must integrate them into our life stream. We have grown into this new timeline, new reality, new experience of a higher version of our collective self. We will continue to integrate and balance this new Light within our collective Light Body until we can fully embody it around the June Solstice. This is also the time when the planet receives the most solar radiation, the most Light.

Just as all things that grow, this leveling up does not come without growing pains, especially in the lower soular consciousness dimensions. We are still learning to shake off the duality and embrace unity. This is a massive change that must occur before we can fully ascend to the New Earth as a collective. So, our growing pains on the fourth dimensional collective timeline will reflect this. Which means that our reality or timeline will manifest with lessons that we must learn. Which brings us to the contraction phase. During the expansion phase (January – June) of our collective timeline, we created the new realities from the Light codes we embodied from our sun in December and January. Because we are not creating our realities as a Pure Source, our collective realities or timeline will still contain lessons that we must master in order to embody more Light. As a collective we experienced this in our new creation. Now as we experience the June Solstice gateway and Aphelion, being farthest from the Source, we begin to feel the effects of our creation. This is the point in our collective timeline that we start to see the parts of our collective reality that we are ready to transcend. The speeding up of time that comes in the months of June and July help to make these distortions feel even more amplified. We become uncomfortable and begin to seek ways to dismantle or change the timeline or reality.

At this point, we move into the balancing effects of the Autumn Equinox which allows us to rebalance our collective energy in preparation for the final descent back into the Source. These final days of our collective timeline can feel like a squeeze or very enlightening as we have been able to see the lessons this timeline has brought us and are ready to move forward and level up our Light. Or we can feel squeezed because we have yet to see the lessons and we will be preparing to cycle back around at the same vibration on a new timeline. Then once again we enter December and the Winter Solstice gateway where we are back close to the Source and preparing to receive our new Light. Then collectively we spiral up in frequency and receive a new timeline in January. And this is an example of how we experience a timeline within Soular Consciousness with our sun, Solaris, as the Source of our collective realties. Now we will discuss timelines throughout the evolution process.

Timelines are realities housed within the quantum field of Creation. A logos experiences a timeline or reality based on the consciousness level and overall frequency of its Light Body. Because timelines are tied to time, we need to explore this more to understand how they work. As we increase our frequency or ascend through the dimensions, we are moving closer to or embodying more of the Infinite Source. As a soul we are affected by the soular Light from our Sun. Once we embody this Light, we begin to connect with the Galactic Source or Source of all Light in our galaxy as an Oversoul. This Light is higher in frequency and therefore has shorter periods between the expansion and contraction. This means that as a collective our consciousness will one day ascend past the gravitational field of our sun and will ascend into the gravitational field or time matrix of our galaxy. Which is the seventh, eighth and ninth dimensions within the Cosmic Diamond Sun Body. Essentially, we will move from soular time to galactic time. Once this occurs, our ascension timeline will shift so that our Source becomes the Super Massive Black Hole Galactic Center where we will receive our Light as a collective. This means time slows down and our frequency increases. Therefore, we will experience shorter timelines which means faster evolution because we are expanding and contracting into the Source more frequently.

Additionally, we can see that as we ascend beyond Galactic Consciousness, time will once again slow down, and our timelines will start to decrease again until they disappear. As we enter the gravitational field of the Universe, we begin to experience time slowing until it exists only in the eternal now. Here we are embodying Pure Source Consciousness. We become the Source of our reality and timelines disappear because each now moment we are experiencing our reality or time as only what exists now. There is no tomorrow, no yesterday, no past, no future, only what is happening in that eternal now moment. No lessons, no expanding and contracting into the Source because we have become the Source. Realities are called forth from the quantum field instantly. Meaning our ability to manifest increases as we ascend through the dimensions or Diamond Sun Body.

Also, it is worth noting here that as we ascend through the dimensions and gravitational fields of the Universal Time Matrix, we are still able to shift our consciousness to any dimension or timeline within the quantum field. This is what allows us to have a multi-dimensional experience as a logos and to experience time speeding up or slowing down or stopping all together depending on our frequency at any given moment.

We have illustrated how timelines are created within the time matrix of a logos. As we ascend, we increase our Light and thus open ourselves up to more of the Universal Time Matrix or Cosmic Diamond Sun Body. This allows time to slow down until we can exist within the eternal now. Here time is experienced in the eternal now versus on timelines. We will begin to experience this when we embody Pure Source Consciousness. As we move through ascension, we must remember that we are not only an individual fractal of the Source, we are also part of collective fractals of the Source. Therefore, we can be fully ascended living in the eternal now here on Gaia and still experience the collective timeline that occurs annually. Likewise, as our collective consciousness ascends, we will be able to experience ourselves as part of the collective consciousness of our solar system, galaxy and Universe. Through shifting our consciousness and living a multi dimensional existence we are able to experience time or timelines within multiple dimensions depending on our consciousness in any given moment up to the experience on no time. Which is zero point consciousness, where the entire Universal Time Matrix collapses and we experience the Great Void.

To summarize, let us review a few key details about timelines. Timelines are created by the Light or consciousness of a logos orbiting the Source. Remember that all Light we experience emanates from the Source. As consciousness is orbiting the Source, it is traveling through the Universal Time Matrix which creates a gravitational field that curves or bends space to create the experience of time. The gravitational field is created by the electromagnetic force of the logos’ Light Body or the overall vibration of the Light Body. As the collective emanates Creation Waves, the codes within the Light tell the quanta and atoms within the fabric of space how to arrange themselves to create certain realities in a particular location in space. Simultaneously, the vibration of this Light also tells the holographic realities where to manifest within the Universal Time Matrix to create the experience of time within a reality. This experience of time is felt as expansion and contraction points as we move away from the Source and return to the Source. These realities are known as timelines and will continue to run until the consciousness of a logos returns to the Source to create a new wave and/or timeline. As we increase our frequency or move up in dimensions, the amount of time it takes to experience a timeline is shorter and the amount of time we spend as the Source is increased. This also means that we do not have to create and dismantle complete realities as much when we ascend through the dimensions. Which eventually leads us to full ascension and Pure Source embodiment where we become the Source and experience our reality within spacetime in what is known as the eternal now. All realities, time and timelines exist within the infinite realities of the quantum field. When we rest as the Pure Source in zero point, we collapse spacetime and observe reality as ONE happening or simply rest outside of space and time in the infinite void.

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